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Hello! First of all I would like to say a huge thank you to anyone still visiting my blog. Ive had almost 4 months off and It's beginning to have a huge impact on me; Going from blogging all the time to not at all is surprisingly difficult.  On the bright side, exams are over. Therefore, that means I have all of 12 weeks to figure out what to do with myself. If you're a fellow blogger you'll be aware of the fact that even after a few weeks off it can be hard to get back into the swing of things in regard to blogging. Even now as I'm writing this despite feeling myself suffer the obligatory 'bloggers block' I also feel as though I'm rambling... That sentence was also a perfect example of how unprepared I was for the spontaneous decision to write a blog post.

Wishlist posts are what keeps me going, and so I thought it would be a nice one to ease me back in!

Public Desire Nude Heels
There is no denying that Public Desire are killing it recently. Every single time I visit the website I am inevitably greeted by many delightful pairs of shoes. On-trend and adventurous, this brand is going to be huge... if not already. Their Instagram is also dreamy so if you're someone with an avid appetite for shoes and great prices, look no further.

This is a little number I found on ASOS while browsing and couldn't help but fall head over heels for it. Personally, I love the frill trim around the leg which just adds originality to the playsuit. It would be perfect for one of those blissful summer nights on holiday.

I remember having a denim skirt when I was a child and never wanting to take it off. When a trend reappears it often intimidates me a little, (probably the reason why it's taken me so long to want add a denim skirt to my wishlist). I can't help but feel like I may put it on and feel like I'm 6 again. Nonetheless I spotted this one and instantly fell in love. Due to the fact it has an A-Line structure it promises to add shape to any figure, still sustaining the 70's vibe and vintage feel. It would be perfect with an off the shoulder crop top or a shirt!

The is one of those tops that is a basic necessity. Halter necks are my favourite kind of tops to wear as I find them flattering on pretty much anyone! Pair this with a pair of denim shorts and a cover up and your holiday ready.

Undoubtedly, this is at the top of the list in terms of urgency to buy. Somehow I have managed without this lipstick for the most part of a year - unbelievable! I adore this lipstick and will be repurchasing in the very near future. Trust me on this one, it's amazing.

After seeing this jumpsuit all over the Internet I just knew it was love at first sight. I never find myself gravitating towards nautical prints but this one took my breath away. River Island are always brilliant when it comes to the summer season and they have outdone themselves once again!

It is the season of glowing skin and luminous cheekbones. There is so much hype around this product which just makes me want to try it more and more! It would be perfect to give you that beach glow/dewy complexion everyone desires which makes a comeback every year. Who's complaining?

I think this is shirt perfect for all occasions. With it's basic colour scheme and wrap detail this shirt could take you from a casual day shopping to the beach over a bikini and shorts. Versatility is key, I think this shirt inhabits that quality perfectly.

Finally, Misguided are wonderful when it comes to small details and also recreating high end fashion for lower prices! Lemon is such a delicate colour which surprisingly can be worn all year round. The tiny lace edge on the bottom of the skirt makes it look so much more expensive than it actually is.

What have you been listing after this month? Do you prefer dressing for Autumn/Winter or Spring/Summer?

Have a great day!
Meg x


  1. This is strange - I went into MAC and swatched creme cup today! It's a lovely colour x
    alicekatex ♥

    1. It is indeed, I must buy it ASAP! xx


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