WONDER PRODUCT | NARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

Much like most people who watched beauty videos on YouTube since 2009, I've always been a huge advocate of the Urban Decay primer potion. I always thought that would be my holy grail primer and I wouldn't ever even contemplate using anything else. Despite this, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and just give something else a go. After using this for a good month now I can honestly tell you I haven't been anywhere near primer potion since!

The NARS primer has a very thin consistency which means it doesn't bunch up on your eyes, unlike some of the others I've tried. It sets quite quickly so once applied I follow with the rest of my eye makeup to achieve optimum results. In terms of staying power, I can't sing it's praises enough. When they say smudge proof they really mean smudge proof. Not so god for those of us who happen to make multiple errors before getting to the end result - but for those fortunate enough to get it right first time, you're in luck. Another factor that just amazes me about this is that it actually makes your shadows look better. I mean in a way I suppose that's the whole point, but as well as extending the wear and longevity of your shadows the colour is accentuated and stronger in regard to pigmentation. As primer's go, this is a phenomenal discovery!

There's only so much you can say about a primer, but I just thought it deserved a mention since I've used it almost every single day since the beginning of November. I assure you It's worth every single penny!
What's your favourite primer?

Have a great day!
Meg x

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