Nail Picks for the Party Season!

What good is Christmas and New Year without a bit of glitter? That's why I've collected my four favourite nail looks for this season that you can create too.

The first one consists of Nails Inc Tate and OPI Excuse Moi. This I can honestly say has been my favourite combo for what feels like forever now. Tate is such a perfect hue and perfect for the winter days; That being said, red is my favourite nail colour all year round! What I love about Excuse Moi is that it dries in virtually 15 seconds. So easy when you're on the go or you have to touch up quickly!

Blue glitter's are something you don't see very often, so when I spotted this gorgeous blue/pink toned glitter on holiday in Spain for an unbelievably inexpensive price, I knew it had to be mine. I have to be honest and say this is the one I struggle with most of the lot since the glitter fragments are larger, but after a few coats you're good to go! I teamed it with Barry M Sugar Apple which provides a really nice base for the glitter.

Let's just take a minute to appreciate this glitter top coat from Leighton Denny in I am Diva; it is what dreams are made of. It is by far my favourite glitter top coat I own! Not only does it have the most BeyoncĂ© of names a nail polish could ever have, but the particles are really finely milled so the product is distributed so easily on to the nail. It might seem absurd to spend £11 on what in reality is a bottle of glitter, but when you see the results I think you'll change your mind! Underneath this is Rimmel's Maida Pale, which is again a lovely shade that works really well all year round, but especially through autumn and winter.

Last but certainly not least is OPI's Tickle My France - Y and OPI Let's Do Anything We Want! This is another one of my favourites as it's just so fun and feminine. It would look great with almost any outfit and add that hint of glamour that everyone needs for the festive and party season. The glitter was another miraculous TK Maxx find so I'm not sure if you can still buy it, but I'm sure it'll be on the web somewhere. When combined they look striking and would make for a great accent nail!

What's your favourite nail look at the moment?

Have a great day!
Meg x


Thank you for the comment! I will be sure to read and reply asap. However if you have any questions you need answering right away, be sure to tweet me at @megbolderson. Have a great day! Meg x

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