A Dream Closet...

We all dream of having a lifestyle of luxury and a closet full of designer labels, but when you're still in full-time education, just on the cusp of turning 16, and well... not Kendall Jenner, it can be a little difficult to attain these materialistic items. Despite this saddening fact, who's to say a girl can't dream? Now if I was to take a look into my future wardrobe I would hope that I had it would contain so much Chanel even Karl Lagerfeld would be raising a eyebrow. But lets get serious, it isn't going to happen and it probably never will. Interestingly, that's why I created this post! So I can look back in years to come and see if any of my dreams actually came true. Therefore, I thought it would be quite nice to share with you 5 items from my 'never going to happen but I'll still dream anyway' closet wish list!

And why not turn it into a tag? I challenge EleanorEstelleKatherine and every single one of you lovely readers to do this tag. Go on, show us what would be on your Bond Street hit-list!

A Dream Closet...

Whats in your dream closet?

Have a great day!
Meg x

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