The Perfect Nude Lip!

We all have that one product that you go back to time and time again. The one lipstick you just couldn't care to be without. That one lip hue that as soon as applied onto your lips, instantly makes you feel more of yourself and confident!
For me, that is Mac's Cremecup. It's a very popular shade and is one of Mac's bestsellers which I can completely understand why. It's one of those lipsticks that make me contemplate what I ever did before I discovered it. If I'm ever unsure of what look I'm going for in regard to my makeup, and the lipsticks I own just aren't doing the trick I always turn to this one. It's the perfect pink without being overly feminine and polished. It leaves a lovely creamy pink colour, nothing too fancy and no strings attached! 

Right | Cremecup | Middle | Underage | Left | Both
The only thing I will say is that even though it's a creme sheen finish it drys my lips out like crazy, to the point where if I don't apply something else over the top it just becomes irritating. That's where underage is involved! Mac Underage is one of those lip glosses that if not blended in properly or paired with the right lipstick can look a little bit strange - that being said however, if done correctly can look stunning. It's has a luminous milky pink sheen which accentuates the pigment of creme cup absolutely perfectly, a match made in heaven!

If you're looking for the perfect nude/pink lip combo, this is your answer!

Mac Underage Review // Click here.

What's your favourite nude lipstick? Do you prefer bold lips or nude lips?

Have a great day!
Meg x

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