YSL Parisienne L'eau | A Scent For All Occasions?

I've always been tempted by YSL's perfume department as everyone raves about them and says how incredible they smell. I've had Manifesto on my list for a long time however I picked this one up in the airport just out of curiosity I knew it was coming home with me.


My Favourite False Lashes!

Regardless of the fact I wear false lashes at every opportunity possible, I still consider myself to be pretty much a novice. I am still yet to try many of the thousands of different brands on the market, but for now, I'm definite I have found a very safe brand that I know will never disappoint.


AUTUMN TREND ALERT: Layering & Colour!

First of all...
Hello everyone! I'm sure most of you are already aware that the reason I've been MIA for the past 2 weeks is because I was on holiday with my family! Yes the place we stayed in came fully equipped with wifi however it was much harder than I anticipated to find the time to write posts and publish them without being glued to my laptop for 5 hours straight.
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