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'Piece Of Fruit' tattoo | TTTATTOO*
Especially now it's summer, it's time to experiment. Whether that be with makeup, fashion or even food.

But what happens to the things you really can't just experiment with? Some things aren't cut out to be done on pure impulse. What if you're thinking about getting a tattoo, or perhaps just want to have some fun? Well in that case, I have the answer! TTTATTOO have all you could ever need in the field of tattoos, without the daunting prospect of experiencing the needle to the skin and a stamp for life. When I first heard about them I was eager to see what they had in-store and that's when I realised that I pretty much fell in love with everything, especially the concept. I chose the 'piece of fruit' tattoo as I just think it will look adorable on the ankle or the wrist to help accentuate the season of sun - not to mention how much I love watermelon!

As seen below  instructions are provided alongside the 2 tattoos which was essential for someone like me who doesn't have a clue where to start!

I began by just placing the tattoo where I thought would be most suitable - obviously you can put it anywhere you like but I wanted it to be on show and clearly visible so I chose the inside of my wrist.

I then began cutting away the white rim from the tattoo and peeling back the plastic which was a lot easier than I expected!

I then placed the card faced down and began to press a damp towel on it for just short of 20 seconds. 

 The moment of truth...

Vwa-lah! You're all done. How easy was that?

The are a lovely brand which are based in Barcelona, Spain so the prices on the website are all in euros, however, on the bright side the tattoo's are extremely inexpensive and the one I received cost just €3! They have a wide range of tattoos available and even the option to create your own. The tattoo was shipped to me at the beginning of the week and I received it towards the end of the week so I was extremely impressed as it was coming from overseas and it usually takes a lot longer as those who enthuse in retail therapy via the Internet are all aware. I genuinely think that these temporary tattoos are fantastic as they last for just short of 2-3 days and are so easy to apply!

Thank you so much TTTATTOO for sending this lovely little tattoo to my doorstep, this definitely won't be the last tattoo to grace my letterbox!

Have you ever used temporary tattoos? What was your experience like?

Have a great day!
Meg x


  1. It reminds me of temporary tattoos I used to use when I was a child. I remember they came with some bubblegum or a lollipop (I don't really remember) and every kid in the neighborhood wanted to have at least one. Good old times:)

    1. I know me too, it took me right back to my childhood and that's why I was so eager to try the tattoos!x


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