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I feel like I've been a little selfish recently. Since I've been blogging for almost 2 years now, and actually reading blogs for years prior, I've accumulated a fair few websites that I feel I shall forever be smitten with, but have felt as though I shouldn't tell anyone about - even though you've probably heard of them all anyway.

There is just something about these lovely blog owners that not only influence my style and beauty choices in a way that no celebrity or 'it-girl' ever could, but are also excellent role-models to other people and teach me that it's ok to experiment! These blog owners are all fashion icons in their own right and I believe it's about time I brought my greedy ways to a halt and shared some of my all-time favourite bloggers with you!

P.S I could have picked WAY more than 10, however my list really would go on forever... (Therefore, you might be seeing a few more posts like this)

Image- The Londoner
1. The Londoner - Rosie
If you asked me who my ultimate style-icon was, my answer would be Rosie from The Londoner... alongside Olivia Palermo inevitably. There is something about her classy but cool style that gets me every single time. She always mixes high end with high street which I personally believe is the way forward when it comes to dressing to impress. Her blog is a lifestyle blog with an occasional fashion post thrown in which is always the highlight of my week. The photography perpetually does wonders for the aesthetics as she's always somewhere on the charming streets of London (..duhh) or jet-setting to somewhere else in the world, in to-die-for attire!

Image - Allaroundeve
2. All Around Eve - Eve Ana Kazik 
I recall speaking about her before somewhere on here, probably when I went to Paris for Couture week. Every corner I turned, she somehow managed to grace my horizon, in a good way, of course. Her style is so unique and individual, which is probably why I distinguished her out of hundreds of Parisians. I love how she always mixes different colour, prints and textures which always manages to keep her style looking fresh. I feel she experiments a lot with accessories which is a nice approach to fashion! She dresses quite modern but somehow simultaneously reminds me of someone from a chic 50's movie, it must be those cat-eye glasses...

Image- Atlantic Pacific
3. Atlantic Pacific - Blair Eadie 
You have more chance of me giving up shopping than me not including the icon that is behind Atlantic Pacific. If you have no idea who I'm referring to then I have lost all faith in 'blogger-kind'. Blair always challenges different cuts and is a regular fan of peplum - which I didn't know I was too until I saw how compelling it looked on her! She's also one of those women that everyone wants to be in the sense that she can wear anything and look faultless! A quick browse on Atlantic Pacific makes me want to dive into my closet and play dress-up to say the least!

Image Source - EmTalks
4. EmTalks - Em Sheldon
I remember when I first discovered Ems blog and completely fell in love. don't get me wrong all bloggers are incredible in their own right, but Em just stood out to me and I still read EmTalks to this day. She's absolutely stunning and always jetting off to somewhere exotic. If you're that get's jealous easy you might need to prepare yourself, endless posts of stunning islands and beautiful outfits might send you green with envy, it definitely does me! She's one of those people that as soon as they mention something or express how amazing something is, somehow, someway, I find myself buying it!

Image - Queen Of Jet Lags
5. Queen Of Jet Lags - Noor
Much to my surprise, Noor likes to travel. Ten points for spotting the sarcasm! Deciding to name your blog after something travel related usually mean you're a frequent jet-setter, and let me tell you, Noor definitely is no exception. She has posts from all over the world which makes reading her blog all the more engaging. Not to mention her impeccable style and the entirety of her 'chic-ness' is somewhat overwhelming. I mean it, this woman has the ability to wear a plastic bag and still look a million dollars.

Image Source - LetMeGoxo
6. LetMeGoxo - Estelle
As I've mentioned time and time again, this girl is pretty much one of my best friends, regardless of the fact we have never met... Which I'm determined to change sooner rather than later! Her blog is genuinely so enticing and every time I visit it there is always something new 100% worthy of investing my time into. My favourite posts are definitely her outfit posts as they are just so beautiful!

Image - Lack Of Colour
7. Lack Of Colour - Carmen Wo
I feel as thought Carmen deserves a lot more recognition than she already has. I know it's nothing to do with numbers or anything like that for that matter - however I just feel like the world would be a better place if everyone read her blog. Carmen lives in Germany which instantly gives her blog a unique quality as I don't follow many blogs from there. There is always something original yet classic  - style wise, which I believe deserves to be acknowledged and respected as she's a great trend influence and someone I go to when I need encouragement to try new outfits!

Image - Fashion Toast
8. Fashion Toast - Rumi Neely
This blog is on another level in terms of photography. It really is the closest to perfect I think is humanly possible. One of the main reasons I love this blog so much is because the outfits posts a lot of the time just seem so effortless, as if they haven't even been staged and Rumi has no idea there is a camera within a few metres from her. I think that's key, especially for fashion blogs - don't make the posts look too 'on purpose' as they can have a tendency to have a negative impact on the actual outfits and look forced. Rumi Neely is definitely the queen of fashion blogs (in my opinion!!), major inspiration!

Image - Song Of Style
9. Songofstyle - Aimee Song
It goes without saying that this girl knows how to do Boho-chic and tribal prints. One thing I usually surpass as I find it one of the hardest trends to style and 'pull-off'. She's an amazing inspiration and someone I look to for new ideas when it comes to my existing style. If you're looking for ambitious embroidery, I think I've found your answers! I think it's important that even if you don't usually wear different styles to follow blogs like Aimee's for inspiration in order to keep your style always looking new and innovative!

Image - That Pommie Girl

10. That Pommie Girl - Sarah Ashcroft
Another one that's only recently made it onto my blog roll, its the gorgeous lady that is Sarah Ashcroft from 'That Pommie Girl'. Not only does her blog house the most adorable name, but boy can this girl dress well! She is stunning and also has outfits from many high-street brands which is perfect as a lot of her outfits are purse-friendly and easily attainable. She's on the rise and she also has an incredible Instagram account too (@sarahhashcroft) which I'd hate for you all to miss out on. 

I know I said 10, but I'm sure we can all make room for one more...

Image Source - Eleanor Lloyd

11. Eleanor Lloyd - Eleanor
As you might already know, Eleanor is one of my extremely close friends whom has just recently created her own blog! I'm trying my best to support her in every way as I know blogging is an incredibly daunting prospect and I know I needed  as much help as I could get in the beginning. Her posts are amazing and she gives amazing reviews, all of which are very genuine and reliable! She's one to watch so keep your eyes peeled!

You heard it here first...

What blogs do you gravitate towards?

Have a great day!
Meg x

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