My Summer Essentials!

That's right, summer is just around the corner, but don't panic, we still have plenty of time to get clued up on necessities for summer! I always find that summer comes round incredibly quickly, (still not quite quick enough...) and I'm left not knowing what I will be relying on for the warmer climate. This year I'm taking the reigns and showing you what my options are, after all, we don't want to be forgetting anything! 

My essentials for you all this year are, 1. A good book. I guess this one depends on where you're going and what you're doing. You see for me, if I'm on holiday in a warm country (e.g NOT England), I usually prefer a light-hearted, positive novel to shadow the hot weather. Take the Notebook for instance, unless I change my mind I thinks this will be my holiday read this year. 

2. Sunglasses, I've had these Aviator style sunglasses from Ray-Ban for almost a year now! They've been absolutely amazing to me and were probably my best-buy of last year! I got them for a reduced price too since I bought them in the duty free at the airport... Another benefit of going abroad! I'm thinking of investing in a pair of Wayfarers too since every time I see them I fall more and more in love with them and the edge they add to an outfit, but I'll update you at a later date on that one.

3. P20, probably the most important of the lot. anyone who's used this know exactly what I mean when I say it is a godsend. If you had hate having to reapply sunscreen again and again after going in and out of the pool a few times then this is the answer! It's designed to protect you for pretty much the whole day. I know not everyone warms to the smell of P20, but I absolutely love it, probably just because of the memories it reminds me of. The only downside is that it's extremely oily and will leave you feeling a bit sticky and strange, but it wears off after a few minutes. 

4. Concealer, I'm using Phwoar Paint from 17 as an example but you use whatever you prefer. I try not to wear as much makeup when it's sunny because not only do I find that it shields my face from catching a tan but it just makes me feel weird and gross, you know what I mean. I like just applying a little bit off concealer underneath my eyes and wherever else I need it for a little bit of coverage but not a full face of makeup.

5. Lip balm, again I'm just using Carmex as an example because I find it just does the job. We all know that the sun likes to dry out everything, your hair, your skin, and you guessed it, your lips. I can't stand having dry lips and having a lip balm on hand means your lips are nicely moisturised and aren't going to dry out with the suns blazing rays.

6. Marc Jacobs Honey, I'm not good with describing perfumes so I'm just going to forget even attempting that one, but to me this fragrance just screams summer! It's very sweet but leaves a gorgeous natural hint of nectar behind. It's incredibly wearable and lovely!

7. Last but not least, what would summer be without your favourite swimwear piece. I just included this bright orange bikini from Topshop which is a few seasons old, (similar here). The vibrant orange looks amazing in contrast with a tan and gives you that sun kissed look that everyone desires!

And that's it for my summer essentials! Everyone loves a good summer post or two so there will be more summer related posts to come in no time from me! I'd love to know what you thought. 

What are your summer essentials? Are any of the items featured on your list too?

Have a great day!
Meg x


  1. Love them all
    Want to follow each other? Sandy Sandhu

  2. love these essentials, still need to read The Notebook but I'm so conscious of crying at it haha, love your shades and swimsuit :) <3


    1. I know I'm saving it for holidays so I can have plenty of time to cry over it! Thank you so much!x


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