Four Fashion Finds

I've recently been doing a little bit of shopping and wanted to show you a few of my favourite pieces. As you probably already guessed I'm a lover of black clothing. Just because of the simplicity of it and since my style is quite minimalist it just seems to work it's way into my closet without me even realising. 

Mango - £15
I'm all about the jackets. I think they can make or break an outfit. A good jacket screams class and elegance, and a bad jacket, well, the opposite. This is my version of a 'good jacket', but please take it upon yourself to judge. I spotted this in the Mango outlet near me, so I'm pretty sure it's last season.  It's mildly cropped with padded shoulders sprinkled with a little bit of fringing around the edge. It's a great colour since I find this kind of blue can be worn with multiple different outfits. I'm aware it might not be to everyone's taste but this jacket is exactly what my closet needed!

Topshop - £18
This was also another sale find in Topshop not too long ago. A-line skirts are always going to be very flattering. So that, mixed with the textured material, the asymmetrical hem line and also the fact it was a sale find that I knew I might not have the opportunity to buy again, it inevitably found it's way into my hands.

I wasn't sure about this when I picked it up. It's a very plain and basic cami with a high neck and thin straps, nothing exciting going on here. Little did I know, I pretty much have not had this off ever since I bought it. It has a double hem which is a nice little extra detail and the material is beautiful. Simple, but effective!

Oh My Love - £35
This is another one of my favourites from the bunch. I love playsuits as they're just so simple and easy. It's a one piece suit that looks like you made so much more effort than you did. This is a lovely black number with lace detail around the hem (sorry you can't see it - I couldn't get it all in shot). They are great for pretty much any occasion. If it were my decision, I'd wear this all the way from shopping to a party. Just an all round winner in my opinion, and such a great price-point too! Link here.

What have you picked up recently? Do you have a favourite colour to wear?

Have a great day!
Meg x


  1. I love that Topshop skirt! Black's my favourite colour to wear all year around! x

    Stella Et0ile

    1. Thank you! I'd have bought it full price so was ecstatic when I realised it was in the sale! Me too. Xx

  2. Black is a great colour and you know you can get plenty of wear out of these types of items as they never go out of fashion and you can mix and match them with all sorts!

    Corinne x

    1. I agree, it's very much an all-year-round colour to me too!x

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Jasmine, I'm glad you agree, I thought it might be one of those 'love it or hate it' items! xx


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