A Mascara Minute | Bourjois Edition

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After all the commotion surrounding this little silver pot of joy, and since I was due an update in mascaras, I had to pick this up. I literally got my hands on this yesterday, and I'm already reviewing it. That's definitely a first for me, and already a sign I think I'm a little bit attached to this mascara. 

First of all the packaging is right up my alley. Not that it's a big deal whether I'm in favour of my mascaras packaging or not, but it doesn't hurt. Secondly it's just an exceptional mascara. With the swipe of a magic wand (please do excuse the pun...) you have perfect mascara-coated eyelashes. I experienced a clump-free application and it honestly took no longer than 20 seconds to achieve just the right balance of length and volume. I think that this is the type of formula I would expect from a high-end brand, or at least one that charged over £9.99. I can't believe it either, that's a price I'm more than willing to pay when it comes to a remarkable mascara!

In terms of lasting power, it really is impeccable! In my case at least, it stayed put pretty much all day and for once I think I might have acquired a mascara that doesn't irritate my contact lenses!

As I said previously, I've owned this mascara no longer than 24 hours, and already I'm smitten with it and eager to see what else Bourjois has in store for the rest of summer.

Have you tried this mascara? What's your favourite mascara?

Have a great day!
Meg x


  1. I need to pick this up after my current mascara has run out, everyone is raving about it! x


    1. That's what I thought, had to jump on the bandwagon!x

  2. I'm still searching for a good mascara for my lashes! My last flop was the new miss manga mascara from loreal...all the lashes got really spidery :( Thanks for the advice!

    Follemente Fashion Blog also on Fashiolista and Bloglovin'

    1. Not tried that yet, not cool! This is a great one!x


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