Four Fashion Finds

I've recently been doing a little bit of shopping and wanted to show you a few of my favourite pieces. As you probably already guessed I'm a lover of black clothing. Just because of the simplicity of it and since my style is quite minimalist it just seems to work it's way into my closet without me even realising. 


Currently Loving... L'oreal!

In my opinion, L'oreal are one of those all-round-brands. The type that somehow manage to excel in all their fields. The mascaras are great, the lipsticks are incredible and well, need I say more?


A Mascara Minute | Bourjois Edition

Buy it here
After all the commotion surrounding this little silver pot of joy, and since I was due an update in mascaras, I had to pick this up. I literally got my hands on this yesterday, and I'm already reviewing it. That's definitely a first for me, and already a sign I think I'm a little bit attached to this mascara. 


Tiffany Blue

Nails, Barry M 'Sugar Apple' | Rings, Primark

If you're a frequent reader of my blog, you know I'm in on a never-ending nail roller coaster.




Every time I look at this post I just fall more and more in love with everything I featured. I understand that not everyone is either pineapple or powder pink obsessed, but I couldn't help but include two of my favourite trends at the moment. 


My Summer Essentials!

That's right, summer is just around the corner, but don't panic, we still have plenty of time to get clued up on necessities for summer! I always find that summer comes round incredibly quickly, (still not quite quick enough...) and I'm left not knowing what I will be relying on for the warmer climate. This year I'm taking the reigns and showing you what my options are, after all, we don't want to be forgetting anything! 


My Blogging Space!

We all have a safe haven. A place we go when were sad, or perhaps when were happy. A place to call your own that contains every essential you could ever possibly need all under one roof. This is my safe haven. 


FOTD | One Direction Concert!

Ok, just a little mid week post!
We've all been victims of the shameful selfie, and since I had a few extra minutes before heading out the door to begin my route to Manchester, I thought I'd take a few...


Put To The Test: Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Nail Treatment!

I'm sure I'm not the only one out there to be cursed with the awful trait of nail-biting. It started when I was little and I still do it to this day, more-so when I'm stressed or under-pressure. Being surrounded by NOTD blog posts and nail polish reviews, I'm becoming increasingly jealous of all those stunning fingernails out there and thought it was about time I made an effort the join the crew, with the help of a few products of course. 

I've used this nail treatment once before and saw great results, but it was before I even started my blog and therefore had no-one to tell or nowhere to publish my experiences with it. Previously I saw a dramatic difference in the rate of growth in my nails last time I used this and so since I'm attempting to grow my nails again, I thought that this time I would document it for you wondering if this product really does what it says on the tin.

Week 1: I don't think anyone realises how much of a big deal this is for me, broadcasting my horrible nails for the world to see is incredibly intimidating, but for the sake of the review, I thought it would be bias to start off with lovely long nails, and also, what would be the point in it. I've been using this for around a week now and have already seen great results in the length of my nails trust me this is an improvement. I apply it every other day or sometimes every day and this seems to be working fine so far! I can't wait to see what they are like in the following weeks!

Week 2: I haven't seen as much change as I did in the first week, although my nails are still definitely growing! Mind you, I have forgotten to apply the polish a few days this week and have probably only applied it about 2-3 times. I'm loving the results so far!

Week 4:
Ok, so I missed a week because I didn't see much of a difference, but looking back at the pictures from a few weeks ago I feel like they have grown so much more than I thought they would! They only downside I'm offering so far is that my nails are quite brittle, hence why I've had to file a few down. That could be due to numerous different factors, not just the growth polish. So I'm going to continue using this for maybe another week and see the results.

Week 5:
(Please excuse the awful paint job! I did them incredibly quickly... whoops!)
Ok, so I've decided that will this will be the last week I document my journey with this fabulous clear coat. It really does what it says in my opinion. I feel my nails have grown much more than what they would have without using this, and as a bonus, this also adds a beautiful shine to my nails. I love it and will 100% be repurchasing when my nails are in need of a growth spurt!

Well I hope this helped if you're considering buying the growth treatment!

Have you used this before? What's your favourite method of growing your nails?

Have a great day!
Meg x
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