The Ones That Got Away...

You know what I mean, those products that at at one point were the only thing you ever thought about. They were at the front of your mind all day, every day. And still, once your lust for them has been complete, an your desire is no more since suddenly, one day they are right in front of you, or clutched in-between your fingers, in your possession. Not too long after, they just get tossed into your make-up bag, or in your ever evolving draw of makeup, to be forgotten... (dun dun dunnn)

Ok, a little dramatic but don't deny that you know what I mean. Those products you just forget you even have, or just don't use as often as you should. For me this consist of Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue fragrance, I don't wear this half as much as I should. I've spoken about this before, as I have most of my perfumes, however I can't discard the fact it is just a perfect fresh, clean, holiday scent that has to be worn in time for summer! Then there is Mac's Beauty Powder in Summer Rose that they came out with for the Liberty of London collection about 2-3 years ago, I don't quite remember. Again this will be perfect for summer as it just adds one of those 'English Rose' tints to your cheeks. It's not quite a blush so it's perfect for those 'no make-up, make-up' looks. Onto the lips, Revlons Colour Burst Lip Lacquer in Croquette and Mac's Costa Chic are both lipsticks that are perfect for the warmer climate and shades I can't wait to be sporting in the upcoming months. Mac's Paint Pot in Let's Skate is also one I've forgotten about and haven't worn for a while, I have a full review here.. And finally, Seventeen's Phwoaar Paint is an absolute perfect blend of creme concealer that couldn't be further from light coverage. It's a godsend that sure knows how to get rid of those pesky under-eye bags. 

I appreciate it if you've made it this far, however I'm not quite sure what you're still doing here, go and raid your collection and see what 'new products' you can find!

Have you ever re-discovered a product?

Have a great day!
Meg x

P.S. Did anyone spot my Katy Perry reference? I'm going to see her on the 23rd May, beyond excited!


  1. The packaging of the MAC Beauty Powder is so pretty, I can totally understand how you'd be so much more tempted to buy it, even if you weren't going to get as much use out of it! x

    1. Aaah I know! I remember being utterly obsessed with it before even knowing what the actual product was like, whoops! Thank you lovely x

  2. I love MAC lets skate x


    1. It's a perfect all over lid colour!x


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