Bringing Home the Birkin!

Book reviews are one of my favourite posts to do. Needless to say, they are the perfect balance of two of my favourite things, blogging, and reading. Now, this book is not just any book. I can wholeheartedly say that I actually think this book was written purposely for me. Those who know me or are anything like me, know that fashion is something I invest a lot of my time into, and since this is a fashion blog after all, I would expect a few of you to catch my drift. 

Bringing Home the Birkin captures the essence of a lifestyle many Birkin lovers would say is perfect.  The eBay reseller, Michael Tonello, tells the story of his Birkin buying journey and also shares many useful tips within the world of Hermès. His vast knowledge with his witty comedy makes the book incredibly easy to follow and delightful to read, and actually very funny! I was relatively familiar with Hermès before reading this book, but now I feel like I'm a walking Hermès dictionary (with an orange cover, of course...). Considering the conventional wait list for one of those ever so coveted Birkin bags is no shorter than 2 years, Michael reveals his secret tips in order to bypass the list and walk away with a Birkin that very day. 

What I also love about this book is that it's not just all Hermès glory, (although that doesn't sound quite that terrifying). The novel also focuses on many other life lessons which I think is one reason which made it so enjoyable. It highlights how important having sustainable relationships with those around you, and that nothing materialistic, or a he would say 'stuff', is as vital as having loved ones in your atmosphere. Lastly, Bringing Home the Birkin also targets many beautiful and scenic hot spots around the world, Barcelona and Paris to name a few which literally made this stunning story all the more breathtaking.

I 100% recommend everyone to read this book, even if you're not that interested in Hermès! I'll leave a link to the book on Amazon here so you can check it out for yourself.

Have you read this book? Have you read any books that sound similar to this one?

Have a great day!
Meg x


Mac Underage Lipglass Review!

MAC Lipglass in Underage- £14

I've been desperately lusting after this lip glass for so long now, and even though I swore to myself I would never spend over £6 on a lipgloss since I discovered the wonderful NYX lip glosses, but in certain circumstances (It was staring me right in the eye...), you just have to give in. It's a very lovely peachy shade that will be perfect over a nice nude pink in the summer months. I also find that it's great over pretty much any lipstick as it's very sheer in colour so it just adds a nice sheen to the lips without being overpowering. In terms of formula, It's quite sticky but nothing that I can't work with. Sometimes I find that stickier lip glosses tend to stick around for a little longer anyway, so I like a little bit of sticky in a lipgloss. How many times do your think I can fit the word 'sticky' into a single sentence? Combined with any makeup look, this will look great on the lips as it doesn't provide a lot of colour, however it gives your makeup that overall 'finished' look. Personally, I think it's just a perfect all-year-round lipgloss.

Have you tried the MAC Lipglasses? What's your favourite all-year-round lipgloss?

Have a great day!
Meg x


May Wishlist!

Summer is the season for festivals, and although I am not actually attending one, who says I can't dream? These pieces from the Kate Moss for Topshop collection, which if I must say is absolutely stunning, has many items perfect for summer! I especially loves this crochet dress as I think it could be dressed up with, for instance, the River Island heels (featured above) or dressed down with a pair of ankle boots for a more relaxed feel. I also thought that this stunning paisley blouse, again from the Kate Moss Topshop collection would look beautiful paired with some jean shorts or an LBD for that kimono look that was everywhere last year.

Now I know perspex was all the rage this time last year, but it definitely won't be the first time a trend has been known to stick around for a little longer. I think perspex is a great trend as it is so basic and could even be a little D-I-Y project, but it looks so effective and classic at the same time! Just be careful what you're carrying around with you...

As many of you know Triangl has been featured almost everywhere recently, and I can't help but lust after the 'Arizona Sunset' bikini in pastel neon orange. I think it will look perfect with a tan on holiday, along with the Nail Polish from Models Own in the colour 'Beach Bag'! 

Who can say no to Ray-Bans. I own a pair of aviators which I bought in the airport last year before jetting off on a family trip, and I haven't had them off since. However, I can't stop thinking about the Wayfarers in all black and I think they would look stunning with pretty much any outfit. I just need some.

Do you own any of the items I featured? What are you lusting after this month?

Have a great day!
Meg x


Dealing With Exam Stress!

Hey everyone, a new year brings a fast approaching exam season, something us students dread! The worst things is, it only gets worse. With me currently being in year 10 it's already making me apprehensive about my final year of high school considering how much stress I'm under now with the added pressure of deadlines and targets to achieve. That being said, exam's are only negative if you let them be negative (yeaaah, right...), so I have a few tips that will hopefully not only help you, but will help me when It comes to the stressful last few months of school.

Take short frequent breaks!
If you lock yourself in your room, only allowing yourself to come out for food and water, then not only will you put even more pressure on yourself, you'll most likely become a little bit stir-crazy and insane. Allow yourself a little bit of free time, even if it's every hour, have 15 minutes to yourself. Do whatever you want, catch up on Youtube videos, ring your friends, etc...

I work so much better when I'm not intoxicated with stuffy and dry air, a little fresh breeze makes a world of a difference. You'll be in a better frame of mind and will perhaps therefore get better results.

Listen to music.
Now I'm aware this doesn't work for everyone, especially when it's loud, but a quiet relaxing song or two will put you right at ease if you don't get distracted by music. Turn the volume down so you can still hear yourself think, just with a little bit more of a melody!

Don't stress!
Again, this one in some cases is inevitable, especially for me. I stress and worry about the tiniest things and exams definitely don't bypass this. I'm pretty sure it's scientifically proven that stressing does absolutely nothing for you, whether it be your confidence, ability, or whatever. Stay calm and relax, stressing will not help you!

Be prepared and don't leave it until last minute.
Because I don't deal well with pressure and deadlines, leaving it until the last minute is not even an option, although sometimes It has to be done. If you can, prepare yourself, even if it means writing down what you need to recap, or picking up your revision book months earlier tan your exam. Extra revision when you're bored certainly won't harm you.

Have snacks ready.
For me, there is nothing worse than having the immense weight of exams on your shoulders, and not being able to aid your problems with your favourite food. Make sure you have that treat at the ready to reward yourself with when you have done what you need to do!

Drink lots of water!
Staying hydrated is a major necessity when it comes to anything, not just exams. Be sure to have a glass of water or whatever you prefer at your side at all times!

Set yourself goals.
For example, the assessment I'm currently revising means I have to revise a certain number of paragraphs and remember them off by heart. I find that revising up to a certain paragraph always helps me, and when you've achieved the goal you feel so much better about the rest of the revision you have left to do!

Be comfortable.
Comfort is key! Just because you're still practically doing school, college etc work doesn't mean you can't wear extremely comfortable clothes. I like to wear big jumper and pyjama bottoms when I'm revising!

Practise, practise, practise!
If you want the results, you have to put the work in. After all, practise makes perfect (cringe)!

Think positively!
Just because everyone is saying your future lies in your results, don't let that bring you down and let you think negatively about exams! Trust yourself and just try your best.

Are any of these tips useful? If you've already been through exams, what were your no.1 tips?

Have a great day!
Meg x


The Ones That Got Away...

You know what I mean, those products that at at one point were the only thing you ever thought about. They were at the front of your mind all day, every day. And still, once your lust for them has been complete, an your desire is no more since suddenly, one day they are right in front of you, or clutched in-between your fingers, in your possession. Not too long after, they just get tossed into your make-up bag, or in your ever evolving draw of makeup, to be forgotten... (dun dun dunnn)

Ok, a little dramatic but don't deny that you know what I mean. Those products you just forget you even have, or just don't use as often as you should. For me this consist of Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue fragrance, I don't wear this half as much as I should. I've spoken about this before, as I have most of my perfumes, however I can't discard the fact it is just a perfect fresh, clean, holiday scent that has to be worn in time for summer! Then there is Mac's Beauty Powder in Summer Rose that they came out with for the Liberty of London collection about 2-3 years ago, I don't quite remember. Again this will be perfect for summer as it just adds one of those 'English Rose' tints to your cheeks. It's not quite a blush so it's perfect for those 'no make-up, make-up' looks. Onto the lips, Revlons Colour Burst Lip Lacquer in Croquette and Mac's Costa Chic are both lipsticks that are perfect for the warmer climate and shades I can't wait to be sporting in the upcoming months. Mac's Paint Pot in Let's Skate is also one I've forgotten about and haven't worn for a while, I have a full review here.. And finally, Seventeen's Phwoaar Paint is an absolute perfect blend of creme concealer that couldn't be further from light coverage. It's a godsend that sure knows how to get rid of those pesky under-eye bags. 

I appreciate it if you've made it this far, however I'm not quite sure what you're still doing here, go and raid your collection and see what 'new products' you can find!

Have you ever re-discovered a product?

Have a great day!
Meg x

P.S. Did anyone spot my Katy Perry reference? I'm going to see her on the 23rd May, beyond excited!
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