NYX Haul!

'The first of many' would probably be an understatement when it comes to NYX. I have wanted to try their products for literally around 3 years, and since they are now available online, I really had no excuse. I only received the package a few days ago and I'm already itching to blog about them; I can already tell I'm onto a winner.

I bought 2 'Mega Shine Lip Glosses' in the shades Nude Pink and Beige. I'm sure a lot of you have heard about 'Beige', purely because of the novelty in the fact that it really couldn't be further from the colour beige, it's more of a muted, dusky pink. The second shade, 'Nude Pink', is a beautiful, sheer peachy colour which would look beautiful over many different lipsticks. I can't forget to mention the fact they smell absolutely delicious. Just like those jelly cherries everyone fights for in the bag of Haribo, literally exactly like that... Heaven!

After hearing so much about the butter glosses, I just had to pick a couple up. I chose 'Apple Strudel' which is a gorgeous peachy, coral shade. The last one I picked up, 'Maple Blondie' Isn't too dissimilar, however on the lips it's more nude. In terms of formula, they aren't joking when they say it feels like butter. They glide on the lips and add a beautiful hint of colour without being overpowering.

Because I'm such a lipstick hoarder, I also picked up 2 lipsticks. The first one is 'Tea Rose' which isn't my favourite of the two, but I love the undertone in it. It's pink, but red, but nude.. If you know what I mean. A nice 'all-rounder' I suppose you could say. And then there is 'Narcissus' which is the closest thing to Barbie lips that I own. That being said, if you carefully dab your lips after applying it's a beautiful baby pink shade!

And lastly, the infamous jumbo eye pencil in 'milk'. I'm sure everyone has heard of this so I won't ramble (yeah, right...). It's perrrrrfect as an eyeshadow base of an eyebrow highlight and just glides onto the eyelids! Now I see what all the fuss is about.

Have you tried anything from NYX before? What is your favourite products from NYX?

Have a great day!
Meg x


  1. I really want to try the butter lip glosses they look and sounds lovely. I also have the milk jumbo pencil I also use it on the waterline (need to use a very light hand) to brighten up my eyes if I have done a heavy eye look :) thanks for sharing, going to look at butter glosses now :) xx

    1. They are so amazing, great price too! Oh I hadn't thought of using it in the waterline, thank you!x

  2. You obviously knew exactly what you were going to buy before hand because it seems you have bought all the best things.



    1. Oh I knew exactly what I wanted to buy- I think I made the right choices, still so many things on my list though! Thank you for the lovely comment! x

  3. I've never tried NYX, but as I have recently learned that they are stocked in Next (of all places!) I am going to make sure that changes soon. Will bear your recommendations in mind! x

    1. I heard that too! I once saw some on their online store but haven't seen any since. Such a shame, would be great to see it actually in stores as it's such an amazing brand! Thank you for the lovely comment x


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