A Straightener To Beat All Straighteners | Ghd V Sunset Bird Of Paradise Collection

Ghd really are the masters of straightening iron and anyone who tells you differently is fibbing. Quite the controversial claim I know but I honestly don't know how anybody could disagree when Ghd are involved. If you want super straight locks at a reasonable price, keep reading...

My mum and I have used Ghd ever since I can remember. I recall going to buy our very first shared pair with my mum, needless to say I worshipped them until the day I opened my very own hot pink pair one Christmas. Low and behold, that black pair we bought all those years ago are still going strong (I've probably gone and jinxed it), and mine have only recently broken a few weeks ago. Hence why I've been eager to blog about this stunning pair I received from my mum a few days ago since she's fed up of be borrowing hers.

Ghd annually release many different limited edition collections with fancy patterns and exotic colours and I have the sunset straightener from the bird of paradise collection. It has a beautiful pink to purple ombré effect which is so beautiful and they have a high gloss sheen to them which makes them feel incredibly luxurious; Much more luxurious than the original ones, although they all do the exact same thing so it really doesn't matter! They take literally around 15 seconds to heat up (yes I counted...) and also have a sleep mode if you don't use them for 30 minutes so you don't tragically burn your house down since you forgot to turn them off. And lastly, a heat resistant mat is provided so you have somewhere to rest the straightener when not in use!

In terms of actually functioning the way they are meant to function, they are absolutely brilliant. Not only do I find that they leave my hair stick straight with one 'motion', the style remains pretty much through the whole day which I find is key, especially when you have unruly hair like mine. Secondly, they have a curved edge which I find is perfect for achieving natural curls, all I do is turn the straightener on it's side and pull towards the ground.

If you're in need of a pair of straighteners known for it's longevity at a reasonable price that actually do their job with no frills attached, then this is your answer!

Have you ever tried GHD? What do you use to straighten your hair?

Have a great day!
Meg x


  1. I completely agree Meg! GHD's are the best straighteners and there's definitely no beating them x

    1. It just doesn't get better does it!! Thank you for the lovely comment Kath xx


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