A Few Hours In York!

My dad is currently home for a few weeks so we thought we'd take full advantage of it and head out to York for a day of shopping and afternoon tea. We began with an obligatory visit to Betty's cafe for a spot of tea and I also had a little meringue, which I must say was delightful. (If you're going, ask for the fruit meringue... oh wow)

We then ventured off to York Minster for a little history lesson and a stroll through the church. It was absolutely stunning and the architecture is unbelievable. It was also much bigger than I expected. Apologies for the lack of photographs, however you just can't capture how wonderful it is through a lens.

Then to the best part... shopping. There were plenty of individual boutiques and stunning little unique shops, and even some of the mainstream stores were 10x better than any of the other ones I've been in. We went rather early so there was hardly anyone there and everything was in pristine condition. I would definitely recommend setting off a little earlier as I'm sure you know, there is nothing worse than shopping amongst thousands of others.

Hope you enjoyed this little random post!

Have you ever been to York? Where is your favourite place for a little day trip?

Have a great day!
Meg x


  1. Great post and amazing photos <3


  2. York looks beautiful. I rarely venture that far up north. I've been to York once but that was for a uni open day, I didn't get time to explore. I definitely need to visit again at some point, I love impressive architecture and independent boutiques.


    1. Yes, probably the only word I could say, especially for the Minster is indeed, impressive! Hope you have a lovely time on your next visit. x


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