10 Pink Lip Products You Need To Know About!

This is a post I've been very excited to do as I'm an absolute pink lipstick and lipgloss fanatic, if you hadn't already guessed. For me, pink is just so wearable, whether it's a nude pink or even a bright fuchsia there is something about a pink lipstick that instantly makes me feel better about myself. I've tried a fair few but not nearly enough, there is plenty on my wishlist so I'm sure you'll be seeing many more posts like this!

Rimmel Kate Moss-101
So up first is this lovely Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick that I bought a long time ago, hence why there is hardly any left. It's a lovely matte pink colour and really is the perfect colour for those who like an understated lip but still want to look like they are wearing lipstick. I have only tried 1 more from this range and that is a bright orange colour and I absolutely love that too, so I would definitely be interested in buying more!

Mac- Creme Cup
Next up, Mac's Creme Cup. You've probably seen a million posts not this lipstick but this really is an all-rounder of lipsticks for me. I'd even go as far in saying it is my favourite lipstick in the entire world... I know, crazy! It is just absolutely perfect and completes pretty much every single makeup-look you're opting for that day.  If I had to pinpoint one tiny insignificant problem though, something I would have to say it feels like it dries my lips out a tiny bit, but that's what Carmex is for, right?

Mac- Plink!

This is another favourite, I wore this lipstick and only this lipstick for months on end, and I honestly mean that! It was the first Mac lipstick I ever bought and have repurchased time and time again since. I feel it doesn't get featured on the blogosphere nearly enough as it should be. It has a very subtle shimmer and is a lovely peachy pink colour. Everyone needs to try this!

Mac Dazzleglass- Steppin' Out
Mac Dazzleglass's are definitely the marmite of beauty products. If you didn't know, they are unbelievably sticky and if you're not used to it, it can be kind of intimidating and off-putting I suppose. That's how I felt in the beginning but after getting used to them, after a while I don't really think about the overwhelming sticky-ness of them anymore. I mean how can you not love that colour?! The glitter particles are insane and make your lips look like a glitter ball, which surprisingly I quite like.

Maybelline- Soft Pearl (808)
This is one I bought on a whim on one of those mass 'Fragrance Direct' orders you make occasionally, I think it was my first time so I just bought lots of things I didn't need and would probably never use. Now I hardly ever wear this lipstick unless I'm just having one of those 'sit in front of the mirror and play with your products' days... you know the ones. It's a very shimmery lipstick with a high shine finish and is a very soft pink, which is surprisingly very overwhelming as It's kind of harder to wear than I expected and depending on my makeup look, can make me look a little bit strange. Nonetheless it's still a beautiful colour and I'm sure I'll get my wear out of it.

I love the Rimmel lipsticks, and so this colour was no exception to my pink lipstick obsession. It's nowhere near a soft pink but isn't a fuchsia pink either, so is a perfect combination of both, and therefore is extremely wearable. The formula is a dream, it's so creamy and just glides on your lips. However, I'm not sure if they are maybe a little too creamy as it tends to slide around my lips if I'm not careful. They are also really moisturising and I don't even need to apply gloss on top as they are so beautiful and shiny.

Revlon Lacquer Balm- Croquette
I've been seeing these Revlon balms left right and centre recently, and rightly so! They really are fantastic and I would definitely buy more. Again is a lovely in-the-middle shade and so it's incredibly wearable and looks great with any makeup-look. The fact it's in a stick form makes it 10x better for me as I find most of the time, they are really simple to apply and I'm not worrying about it smudging or uneven distribution etc. The perfect pink!... And they also smell really good.

Rimmel- Fancy
I've had this for so long and only wear it on occasion but it's a lovely peachy colour that has a lot of shimmer, so much shimmer you can feel the particles on your lips. Needless to say it has a very rough texture when it's on your lips but I don't actually mind that!

YSL Rouge Volupte- Lingerie Pink (7)
I know I've talked about this before, but just look at that. It's the most beautiful packaging I've ever seen, and you can just feel the quality of it in your hands, it's also one of the heaviest lipsticks I own, which I really like! Packaging aside, this is again, a beautiful nude pink colour that would look fantastic with any look you're going for. It's so moisturising and creamy and feels amazing on the lips! I would definitely be interested in trying more from YSL!

Rimmel- Funtime Fucshia
I absolutely love this one! It's a true fuchsia and really makes a statement. It's perfect for those that aren't daring enough to go for a red, but want a bold lip to accompany their makeup and if that's what you're looking for, this is your answer! After hearing quite a lot about this I knew I just had to try it as I'm a big fan of the Rimmel lipsticks (you already guessed that, right?...) It has an obvious blue undertone so it makes it very frosty and look great on the lips!

That's a wrap for this post! Even though you're probably on a pink lip product overload, I would love to know if you have any recommendations ad I'm always open to suggestions!

What's your favourite lipstick colour to wear? 

Have a great day!
Meg x


  1. I love pink on the lips as well and own quite a few of these! Rimmel Fancy looks different - may have to try it!
    I have joined your site, perhaps you could join mine too?

    1. Thank you lovely! It's definitely different and I don't have anything else like it.x

  2. Pink lipstick is so much fun to wear! I just got my first Rimmel lipstick, I'm loving it!


  3. the YSL no 7 and Macs Creme Cup are my 2 fav lipsticks ever! Great picks x


  4. SO pretty! All of them!!!
    Estelle x

  5. I normally shy away from pink lip shades but all of these are gorgeous. I especially love the rimmel moisture renew lipsticks so I need to extend my collection - will have to look into Latino since it's so gorgeous! And creme cup looks lovely too, I hear a lot about it! x

    Kathryn | effievanity

    1. Yes they are great drugstore alternatives definitely! Thank you lovely x

  6. All these look so gorgeous! I love posts like these! The MAC Plink lipstick looks so lovely, I want to try this! I have MAC Angel and it's a pretty pink too! x

    1. It was the first Mac lipstick I bought! I absolutely love it. Ooh, I haven't heard of that one before, i'll definitely check it out!x


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