1 Basic Jumpsuit, 3 Ways!

There are countless staples a woman must have in her wardrobe, from the white shirt to the obligatory LBD, another piece that is a must-have is a jumpsuit... I mean it's not as must have as the LBD, but It's still pretty must-have (how many times did I say must-have in one sentence?!) The thing I love about them is they are so easy to style, meaning they are incredibly versatile and considering they are such a minimalist piece, can make a statement when paired with certain accessories or jackets. Another brilliant benefit of wearing a jumpsuit is that switching from day-to-night is remarkably easy as with the help of a change in footwear or coat for example, you can transform a look without even having to get changed! And finally, the fact you don't even have to think about what shirt goes with which skirt and which top goes with which trousers, it just makes the whole process a lot faster and would therefore be great for those on the go. 

I myself own a jumpsuit that black on the bottom half, and pastel pink/cream on the top half, so it's a really nice alternative to the black jumpsuit with a little extra detail, and I find it's just as easy to style!

Black Jumpsuit here // Python Print Coat here // Nude Court Shoes here // White Clutch Bag here // Gold Necklace here //

I would wear this on a casual day at the office (not that I have an office...) or a smart casual event that didn't require you dressing up too much but simultaneously requires a tiny bit of effort. Print is huge this season and the beautiful Stella McCartney coat shown above is no exception. I spotted this whilst browsing Net-a-Porter one day which I occasionally like to do, even though I never buy anything and probably won't for a long time until I manage to save up to be able to afford one of the beautiful pieces featured on that dreamy website. I also love how the nude court heels match the coat almost perfectly and therefore ties everything together really nicely. Same with the stunning Whistles clutch and the gold necklace in which the hardware from the clutch is mirrored around the neck giving the outfit a really effective but not over-the-top look!

Black Jumpsuit here // Leather Biker Jacket here // Black Rucksack here // Black Peep-Toe Boots here // Silver Chain Necklace here //
All black is something I find myself wearing a lot recently, perhaps a lot more than I want to be honest. It's just such an easy colour to style and considering a lot of my favourite items in my wardrobe are black, it's kind of hard not to. On paper, black-on-black sounds somewhat boring and can be overlooked, but you honestly don't have to wear 4 different prints to make a statement! This look is something I would see someone like Kim Kardashian wearing, or even Kanye West for that matter (minus the heels and necklace..). Kim's frequently been hitting the headlines in all-black or even all-white ensembles which I personally  love and think they look incredible. Another trend I can't seem to get away from is leather on leather, and I think this outfit is a refreshing take on the 'rock-biker chick' (let's pretend I never said that) that we've seen everywhere recently and the use of different materials and fabrics adds a deeper dimension to the outfit. And finally the peep toe has always been one to impress, so why not incorporate it into your outfit?

Black Jumpsuit here // White Cropped Jacket here // Nude Platform Shoes here // Kate Spade Watch here // Pink Necklace here // Pink Mulberry Willow Bag here //
And finally, the perfect attire for a lunch date or shopping spree to even a night out with friends. It was virtually impossible to not include the amazing pink Mulberry willow bag that I think is just completely and utterly perfect and also means you can probably carry around the entire contents of your dressing table in. It's just the perfect amount of femininity without being overly girly or in your face. I love these delightful Kurt Geiger platforms which I've had my eye on for months but there is absolutely no point in getting hung up on them as I would never be able to walk in the anyway, typical! 

A plain black jumpsuit means free reign when it comes to accessories so venture out of your comfort zone and try something different! Just like Karl Lagerfeld said, you don't have to wear shocking pink or bright green to make your outfit look effective and courageous  I think it's all about being adventurous, even if that mean trying a different style of coat or an alternative to your usual necklace. Fashion is however you define it and I think a black jumpsuit would be a great place to start your journey!

What's your staple piece in your wardrobe?
Have a great day!
Meg x


  1. love this post, all these styles are gorgeous, you have great style <3 so need a black jumpsuit in my wardrobe now, haha


    1. Thank you very much! They are so useful!x


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