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One of the questions I often ask myself is 'do you really need to lust so desperately after something that is worth more than some people's first cars?'... my answer is of course, yes.

I soon realised this after reading my horoscope not so long ago, it was all about how a certain accessory could be submerging itself into my daily thoughts when I'm least expecting it, and basically taking over my life, all within reason right? It also mentioned that I should wait until it is feasible and I can buy the real thing before becoming even more impatient and settling for less, even if it would still satisfy my desires, of course this would only last a few weeks, and then I would be back to dreaming about my lifelong achievement of owning a certain bag. To be able to walk into the shop and immediately walk out clutching the monochrome bag between my fingers is a moment will long for until the day it happens, if ever. The bag I'm speaking so fondly of is inevitably, the Chanel 2.55.

After I recently visited Paris for Haute Couture week (It still doesn't feel real saying it out loud!) I soon realised that after seeing one on virtually everyone's shoulder, a Chanel 2.55 is not just 'a bag', the same way to some people a pair of Louboutin's are not just 'a pair of shoes'. The red sole doesn't just symbolise wealth and success, because that's absolutely not the case. The red sole symbolises empowerment and passion, both valuable qualities every woman looks for in a pair of shoes. This is exactly the same concept for the Chanel 2.55. To me, it doesn't just symbolise how much money you have, or how 'fashionable' you consider yourself to be (although if you have a Chanel 2.55 on your arm, your probably pretty fashionable), it represents the evolving generations of fashion, and how a simple, but delightfully elegant and desirable bag can revolutionise fashion and unfold so many iconic moments.

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Do you desire something out of your budget but willing to wait to buy it? Have you ever saved up for something you wanted for years?

Have a great day!
Meg x


  1. Mother of god. That is one beautiful bag!! Waaaaah, I want it :L

    Cathy x

    1. Aaah I'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks so, it's so dreamy!x

  2. Chanel is one of these classics that I think everyone wants to save at one point. It's amazing!


    1. Such a staple that I think every girl wants to own like you said! Thank you for the comment lovely x


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