Benefit Porefessional Primer Review!

Porefessional is a translucent, silicon based primer that claims to diminish the size of pores and make your skin silky smooth- £24.50

Primer is something I haven't ever really used before, so I never really took them very seriously. I didn't really know what they were supposed to do, and as a consequence, never bought one. When I heard about Benefit's the Porefessional, I didn't even consider giving in to the hype because I just didn't think it would make much of a difference and I didn't think I really needed one. Don't get me wrong, I was intrigued and fascinated as to why something you can't actually see on your face can make such a difference to your makeup, but like I said it's taken me a good few months to adapt to using a primer, but I must say it was a very good descision.

At first, I definitely didn't agree with this, I didn't see a difference, I feel like it broke me out (it was probably just the excessive amounts of chocolate) and definitely didn't meet my high expectations. However, after giving it a few weeks trial (I really wanted to agree with it!) and agreeing to put up with the occasional blemish, I finally realised that actually it was making such a difference I failed to see it, if you know what I mean. That's probably due to the fact that even if I had no visible pores whatsoever I still wouldn't be satisfied and would still think they were like huge gaping holes around my nose. I love that the primer is silicon-based, although I know some people hate that, but it gives it such a velvety, matte texture that just feels like dream when you apply it to your problem areas. In terms of durability, I wouldn't say it made my makeup last a significant while longer, but I didn't do any harm! I'm really glad I gave this a proper try before passing judgement, I think it's just one of those products that you have to get used to.

(Overall, 8/10)

Have you ever used Benefit's the Porefessional? What is your favourite primer to use?

Have a great day!
Meg x


  1. I love this primer but my favourite is the Smashbox Colour Correcting primer x


    1. I almost bought a smash box primer recently! Does it meet your expectations?x

  2. Such a great post. I love your blog it's such an enjoyable read :-)
    Beth x



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