Benefit Porefessional Primer Review!

Porefessional is a translucent, silicon based primer that claims to diminish the size of pores and make your skin silky smooth- £24.50

Primer is something I haven't ever really used before, so I never really took them very seriously. I didn't really know what they were supposed to do, and as a consequence, never bought one. When I heard about Benefit's the Porefessional, I didn't even consider giving in to the hype because I just didn't think it would make much of a difference and I didn't think I really needed one. Don't get me wrong, I was intrigued and fascinated as to why something you can't actually see on your face can make such a difference to your makeup, but like I said it's taken me a good few months to adapt to using a primer, but I must say it was a very good descision.

At first, I definitely didn't agree with this, I didn't see a difference, I feel like it broke me out (it was probably just the excessive amounts of chocolate) and definitely didn't meet my high expectations. However, after giving it a few weeks trial (I really wanted to agree with it!) and agreeing to put up with the occasional blemish, I finally realised that actually it was making such a difference I failed to see it, if you know what I mean. That's probably due to the fact that even if I had no visible pores whatsoever I still wouldn't be satisfied and would still think they were like huge gaping holes around my nose. I love that the primer is silicon-based, although I know some people hate that, but it gives it such a velvety, matte texture that just feels like dream when you apply it to your problem areas. In terms of durability, I wouldn't say it made my makeup last a significant while longer, but I didn't do any harm! I'm really glad I gave this a proper try before passing judgement, I think it's just one of those products that you have to get used to.

(Overall, 8/10)

Have you ever used Benefit's the Porefessional? What is your favourite primer to use?

Have a great day!
Meg x


High End vs High Street | #2014bloggerchallenge

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One of the questions I often ask myself is 'do you really need to lust so desperately after something that is worth more than some people's first cars?'... my answer is of course, yes.

I soon realised this after reading my horoscope not so long ago, it was all about how a certain accessory could be submerging itself into my daily thoughts when I'm least expecting it, and basically taking over my life, all within reason right? It also mentioned that I should wait until it is feasible and I can buy the real thing before becoming even more impatient and settling for less, even if it would still satisfy my desires, of course this would only last a few weeks, and then I would be back to dreaming about my lifelong achievement of owning a certain bag. To be able to walk into the shop and immediately walk out clutching the monochrome bag between my fingers is a moment will long for until the day it happens, if ever. The bag I'm speaking so fondly of is inevitably, the Chanel 2.55.

After I recently visited Paris for Haute Couture week (It still doesn't feel real saying it out loud!) I soon realised that after seeing one on virtually everyone's shoulder, a Chanel 2.55 is not just 'a bag', the same way to some people a pair of Louboutin's are not just 'a pair of shoes'. The red sole doesn't just symbolise wealth and success, because that's absolutely not the case. The red sole symbolises empowerment and passion, both valuable qualities every woman looks for in a pair of shoes. This is exactly the same concept for the Chanel 2.55. To me, it doesn't just symbolise how much money you have, or how 'fashionable' you consider yourself to be (although if you have a Chanel 2.55 on your arm, your probably pretty fashionable), it represents the evolving generations of fashion, and how a simple, but delightfully elegant and desirable bag can revolutionise fashion and unfold so many iconic moments.

Image- Google

Do you desire something out of your budget but willing to wait to buy it? Have you ever saved up for something you wanted for years?

Have a great day!
Meg x


Beauty & Skincare Wishlist!

Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick
Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
NYX Butter Gloss
Origins Charcoal Clay Mask
Revlon Colour Burst Matte+Lacquer Balms
MAC Girl About Town
NARS Narsissist Palette 
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohl Liner in 'Nude'
NARS Sheer Glow Foundation
Tom Ford Lipstick in 'Pink Dusk'
The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream

Hey guys, quite a relaxed post today. I've been feeling pretty beauty and skincare deprived this months as it feels like I haven't been shopping in weeks. Making these wishlists satisfies my retail therapy needs without interfering with my bank balance- I think were on to a winner... These type of posts are also one of my favourites to read as It's great to know what other people are lusting after. Recently a lot of the products featured on my blog have been cult favourites of the many bloggers out there, and I'm not surprised as all I've done for days now is read blog after blog, I just can't stop, (contribute to my addiction by leaving your link below). I'm often in those situations just like most other people where when I have money to spend, I have nothing to spend it on, but when I don't have money, I see everything I want. So therefore writing wish lists just make the whole process so much more easier and I actually spend my money on things I know I will like as I've done the research rather than buying things on a whim that I instantly knew I shouldn't have.

What's on your wishlist?

Have a great day!
Meg x


Bioderma Review!

Hey lovelies. I know I mentioned this in a recent Favourites post, but because I had such an amazing response on my La Rosche-Posay Effaclar Duo Review that it would be rude not to review another extremely hyped up product! This time... Bioderma! Now I'm sure all of you let alone know what this is but actually own it. But for those who don't have a clue what I'm talking about Bioderma is basically just a micellar water. That's right, just like the L'oreal one or the Garnier one, this is basically exactly the same thing, but 10x 

See, unlike the L'oreal one (which I reviewed here) this actually feels like you're just applying water to your face. That's why it's always such a strange feeling when you wipe away the cotton pad and all your makeup goes with it. I love the L'oreal one as a cheaper alternative but it's just not the same as Bioderma and now I understand what all the hype was for.

As price goes, I bought 2 for €15 whilst I was in Paris in January, which I think is incredible reasonable considering how much you get, I mean the bottles are huge, god knows how I got them in my suitcase. If you're ever in France it is virtually impossible to get away from this little bottle of joy as there is a pharmacy every direction your turn. It has apparently become readily available in the UK but much to my surprise I haven't been able to find it anywhere. So you'll just have to keep your eyes peeled if you're not planning a trip to a French pharmacy any time soon.

Overall, 9/10!

What's your favourite method of removing your makeup? Have you ever tried Bioderma?

Have a great day!
Meg x


Paris Fashion Week, Charlotte Licha Haute Couture Collection 2014.

 'Fashion is a mixture of everything around us, it's not just about clothes'

The first collection named 'point' designed by Charlotte Licha is a respectful tribute to every woman daring enough to challenge what is accepted. The glamorous garments included everything from minimalist monochrome to vibrant an exotic oranges inhabited within a sea of empowering greys and adventurous greens. The elegant embroidery was encrusted with finely detailed sequins which echoed the flashing lights from the cameras. An innovative and different perspective on couture was acknowledged as the charming gowns and jumpsuits were worn by beautiful models on the catwalk. A very well organised and adventurous preview, romance is not dead. 

What do you think to this collection?

Have a great day!
Meg x


January Favourites!

I love favourites posts, just because you're writing about products that have been thoroughly tried and tested and therefore have a lot more to say about them. However I usually end up lusting after hundreds of products that I don't own and therefore have to go out and buy... Not my fault.

Soap&Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream
Technically I'm not supposed to even use this let alone feature it in a favourites as it belongs to my mum, but with it's beautiful packaging, it would be rude not to at least try it. They smell is just so delightful, and it actually moisturises and keeps my body feeling moisturised for a long time! It's got a nice whipped formula so it feels so light on the skin, and doesn't leave me feeling all tacky and horrible. Good enough to eat I'd say!

I can't even believe I've been sucked in to the hype. I hate to say it (Well, I don't really) but it's just so good. It literally feels like you are putting water on your face, unlike some that leave an oily residue behind. It magically breaks down and removes all of my makeup with a few swipes. Genius!

Benefit Porefessional
When I first tried this I just didn't get it. I didn't understand what everyone was talking about in saying that 'It was the best thing ever' and 'It was a miracle worker'. I think that was partially due to the fact I hadn't really ever used a primer before and therefore wasn't even sure what it should be doing. I mean it's called 'PORE'fessional for a reason... But, I mean when I actually look at my pores after using this underneath my makeup there is honestly such a huge difference. It just took me a while to realise. My skin feel so smooth when I use this which also means my foundation goes on so much better and easier. I'm not sure that it makes my makeup last any longer but it's still amazing!

NARS Laguna Bronzer
I may have mentioned this in a favourites before but this is just a life changer. This perfect blend of brown but not too muddy and golden but not orange has made me want to buy so many more Nars products. I'm not sure if that's a god thing or a bad thing considering now I've started I won't be able to stop. Nonetheless, it's thoroughly worth the hype!

Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue
Again I'm not sure if I've featured this in a post before or not but I don't want to go on about it too much as there is just so much to say I'd be here for days. It's a beautiful all year round scent I'd say. Incredibly fresh but so feminine at the same time. Dolce and Gabbana never fail to make a delicious perfume. 

L'oreal Super Liner
Instead of picking up plain black like I assumed I would, I accidentally picked up 'Black Crystals' which is still black but has really tiny subtle crystals in and surprisingly, I really like it! They aren't extremely noticeable which I love but then they add a really nice feminine touch and make me feel all glamorous. A nice surprise!

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
For years I've used MAC's 187 brush, which is amazing don't get me wrong and leaves a really natural finish, but by the time I'm finished I end up with more hair on my face than what's in the brush. Considering I haven't used one brush from Real Techniques and not loved it I thought I ought to change my routine a little bit. It's the perfect size to buff in foundation and blends really well! 

Not the most glamorous lip balm out there, but it certainly works. It has a very distinctive smell, a bit minty and extremely fresh. It absorbs really nicely into the lips and is an instant relief when my lips feel dry or chapped, and also makes them feel really plumped! It's probably one of those 'love it or hate it' products and I definitely love it.

My apologies that this favourites post is packed full of cult beauty favourites that you've most likely heard a billion people talk about, however they really are all amazing and I recommend each and every item mentioned to you all!

What has been your favourites this month? Have you tried anything new?

Have a great day! 
Meg x


And they all lived happily every after... | #2014bloggerchallenge

The #2014bloggerchallenge is in full swing and this week it's all about books. If you know me you know i'm not a big reader, not for any particular reason but I never seem to find the time. However, almost every time I manage to pick up a book, I get sucked in and can't stop. Therefore I should probably read a lot more often, another one of my resolutions...

I loved The Hunger Games Trilogy and read all 3 but if I'm completely honest with you half the time I had to re-read chapters as I had no idea what was going on. Partially due to my ability to procrastinate whilst procrastinating. Nonetheless they were amazing and I 100% recommend them to anyone!

So instead, the book I'm going to talk about is perhaps the only book i've ever read and understood, fully, if you know what I mean. 'Starter For Ten' written by David Nichollas is a fantastic, witty and romantic novel about a student named Brian and his crush Alice. The story revolves around 'University Challenge' which I'm sure you've all heard of but for those who haven't, it's a television quiz show where contestants compete to answer questions. Brian gets the chance to compete with his fellow university pals and just so happens to have to opportunity to meet the stunning Alice Harbinson. 

The main reason I loved the book is because it was just hilarious, I mean it had me laughing! It was just the perfect balance between comedy and romance with a little knowledge on the side. 

The novel has also been remodelled into a film, however If you haven't read/seen either I recommend reading the book first. As always, the movie just wasn't the same.

Have you read this book? What's your favourite book you've ever read?

Have a great day!
Meg x
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