Nail Picks for the Party Season!

What good is Christmas and New Year without a bit of glitter? That's why I've collected my four favourite nail looks for this season that you can create too.

The first one consists of Nails Inc Tate and OPI Excuse Moi. This I can honestly say has been my favourite combo for what feels like forever now. Tate is such a perfect hue and perfect for the winter days; That being said, red is my favourite nail colour all year round! What I love about Excuse Moi is that it dries in virtually 15 seconds. So easy when you're on the go or you have to touch up quickly!

Blue glitter's are something you don't see very often, so when I spotted this gorgeous blue/pink toned glitter on holiday in Spain for an unbelievably inexpensive price, I knew it had to be mine. I have to be honest and say this is the one I struggle with most of the lot since the glitter fragments are larger, but after a few coats you're good to go! I teamed it with Barry M Sugar Apple which provides a really nice base for the glitter.

Let's just take a minute to appreciate this glitter top coat from Leighton Denny in I am Diva; it is what dreams are made of. It is by far my favourite glitter top coat I own! Not only does it have the most Beyoncé of names a nail polish could ever have, but the particles are really finely milled so the product is distributed so easily on to the nail. It might seem absurd to spend £11 on what in reality is a bottle of glitter, but when you see the results I think you'll change your mind! Underneath this is Rimmel's Maida Pale, which is again a lovely shade that works really well all year round, but especially through autumn and winter.

Last but certainly not least is OPI's Tickle My France - Y and OPI Let's Do Anything We Want! This is another one of my favourites as it's just so fun and feminine. It would look great with almost any outfit and add that hint of glamour that everyone needs for the festive and party season. The glitter was another miraculous TK Maxx find so I'm not sure if you can still buy it, but I'm sure it'll be on the web somewhere. When combined they look striking and would make for a great accent nail!

What's your favourite nail look at the moment?

Have a great day!
Meg x


WONDER PRODUCT | NARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

Much like most people who watched beauty videos on YouTube since 2009, I've always been a huge advocate of the Urban Decay primer potion. I always thought that would be my holy grail primer and I wouldn't ever even contemplate using anything else. Despite this, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and just give something else a go. After using this for a good month now I can honestly tell you I haven't been anywhere near primer potion since!

The NARS primer has a very thin consistency which means it doesn't bunch up on your eyes, unlike some of the others I've tried. It sets quite quickly so once applied I follow with the rest of my eye makeup to achieve optimum results. In terms of staying power, I can't sing it's praises enough. When they say smudge proof they really mean smudge proof. Not so god for those of us who happen to make multiple errors before getting to the end result - but for those fortunate enough to get it right first time, you're in luck. Another factor that just amazes me about this is that it actually makes your shadows look better. I mean in a way I suppose that's the whole point, but as well as extending the wear and longevity of your shadows the colour is accentuated and stronger in regard to pigmentation. As primer's go, this is a phenomenal discovery!

There's only so much you can say about a primer, but I just thought it deserved a mention since I've used it almost every single day since the beginning of November. I assure you It's worth every single penny!
What's your favourite primer?

Have a great day!
Meg x


Feeling Blue... | #2

Flash back to New York Fashion Week, here we have Sarah Jessica Parker looking beyond breathtaking in this timeless electric blue number. Designed by Calvin Klein, this opulent jacket would never fail to turn a few heads and catch a significant amount of eyes - not to mention how chic and effortless she manages to make such a bold outfit look. I mean if SJP can't do it, who can? What I love about this is that she's transformed what most would call outerwear (after all, a trench coat is supposed to be worn over an outfit...) into an outfit itself, or more to the point, a dress! Teamed with a pair of classic black patent court heels, you really couldn't pick a more ideal shoe for such a astounding look. Keeping with the metallic theme, a stack of bracelets and an understated black clutch bag finishes the outfit off admirably and leaves behind an outfit bursting with a charming sense of inspiration and enthusiasm. One of my favourites throughout the whole of NYFW!

If you ask me, this beautiful outfit has definitely earned it's rightful seat next to Anna Wintour!

What has been your favourite look this week?

Have a great day!
Meg x


Winer Style Inspiration!

As I've mentioned many times on my blog, I personally love winter style and think you have so much more freedom when it comes to styling outfits! If you're anything like me, (or in other words and avid people watcher), you will know that astounding outfit inspiration is standing right in front of you waiting to be admired, you just have to open your eyes and look. I have recently come across many different looks from lots of different areas of the web and thought it would be rude not to share with you a few of my favourites!

*All images featured are not my own.


5 Favourite Online Shopping Sites & Party Picks!

You know when it's too much of a hassle to move from your bed, but all you want to do is go shopping? That's when the magical world wide web comes out to play. Seen as most stores now have online shops and the market is bigger than ever, it's hard to know where to start. I've gathered a few of my favourite places to browse and buy and made them into a blog post to save yourself the hassle.

Up first is the trusty Missguided. This site has an outfit for every occasion, and I'm not exaggerating! I've bought from Missguided so many times and delivery has always been extremely rapid and reliable. Despite this I've also had to return quite a few items and its so quick and simple. Delivery rates aren't particularly expensive and as far as I'm aware they ship worldwide which is never a bad thing. The prices of the garments are second to none and they very often have discount and promotional codes ready to be used to save you even more money. Here are a few of my favourite items on the website at the minute. 

Dress | Shoes | Bag

If you're looking for the royalty of online shopping then this is your best bet. In my opinion, ASOS is the cream of the crop in terms of variety. They have such a broad spectrum of different brands which is great if you're looking for something original and out of the box. They also show the clothes being modelled on a catwalk so you get to see how they look in motion versus the usual bog-standard photos of the outfit. This really helps if you're worried how the material hangs and just helps you get an overall idea of what the piece is like. Not to mention the amazing gift section they have - beauty, skincare, novelties, you name it! Just a fabulous all-rounder.

Playsuit | Shoes | Bag | Earrings 

Excuse moi for cheating, as I haven't ever actually bought anything from this site. But I must visit their page almost everyday lusting after all the beautiful items. My wish-list is bursting at the seams. This is no doubt the epitome of a luxury website, and for those whom have a lot of cash to play with. But a girl can dream right? There's no fun in having nothing to aspire to, so I'm making it my mission to one day have a huge spending spree on this truly stunning site and then I'll have more clothes than I know what to do with. They have so many different brands from Stella McCartney to Oscar de la Renta. All of which I'd be elated to own something from!
Dress | Shoes | Bag

Everyone likes to cut corners where they can. That's what sold me on prettylittlething.com; It would be unfathomable to even consider the prospect of arguing with their amazing prices! I would very happily own everything on the site as their pieces are so on point. They keep up with trends really well and they are perfect if you want to have a peek into what will be in for the current and upcoming seasons!

Ah, the big one. I meant when I say whenever I hear about them my heart skips a beat. I need everything from this beautiful store. They have a branch in Leeds which I've actually not been in yet, much to my surprise. However the same can't be said for the website. There are about 5 dresses on there at the very top of my wish-list. The thing I love about this brand is they have items that would be suitable for so many different occasions. Weddings, New Years, Parties, the whole lot. Take a look and you'll fall in love!

Where do you like to shop online?

Have a great day!
Meg x


Pastel Power | #1

I've been wanting to start this for a while now but I've hesitated as to whether anyone would be interested or not. This new segment will be an edition to my blog where I talk about my favourite outfits as seen on the likes of celebrities, bloggers, and well, you name it! I often come across a photo of an outfit that I feel needs to be shared with the world and since my blog is my creative outlet I thought this would be a great place to start. Oh and last thing, it doesn't have to a recent outfit photo, it can be from anywhere and everywhere, just what brings me major outfit envy, and therefore will hopefully inspire you too! I hope you enjoy...

Re-create Kim K's outfit HERE!

There is absolutely no denying that Kim Kardashian's new found sense of style is anything but impeccable. An outfit that consists of pastels, pointed heels and a chunky coat are 3 elements that are bound to make me swoon - especially when on someone as stunning as Kim! Not to mention her makeup, that girl's highlight game is so strong, she looks so healthy and radiant. Call me one-sided as I'm an avid Keeping Up With the Kardashians consumer, however I feel that lately this woman can do no wrong when it comes to fashion; Whether this be Kanye's fault or not, her style is incredible. I love how an outfit consisting of 4 basic things : a midi skirt, a crop top, an oversized coat and some cute heels constitutes for an outfit with such a renowned impact that also makes a bold statement without actually saying anything at all. Wouldn't you agree?

What has been your favourite outfit this week?

Have a great day!
Meg x


Christmas Gift Guide | Luxury EDIT!

Christmas Gift Guide | Luxury Items!

Prepared to part with your heard earned cash but struggling for ideas? For those who are lucky enough to be giving the gift of luxury this festive season, I have just the list for you! Christmas is more than likely always going to be the most expensive time of year, so if you're one to go all out but struggling what to buy, I suggest you take a quick look at this guide. Hopefully I can help!

As I featured in my £25 and under gift guide post (link here), Ciaté are always so on point when it comes to Christmas collections. If you're willing to spoil the surprise and deliver your gift a few weeks early, this nail polish advent calendar is a perfect present for those avid nail enthusiasts (I know a few...). Lipstick is undoubtedly a statement in a makeup bag, so how about treating someone to a gorgeous Tom Ford one - I promise they won't be disappointed. Something I have always thought about but could never fathom paying the scary price tag is the Clarisonic. Not only that, but I've heard they are either a love it or hate it Marmite type thing. I'm sure I'm not the only one to feel like this so why not buy it for them! Jewellery is always going to be a safe option. Despite this, I feel like jewellery will last you forever and as they say 'jewellery is for life, not just Christmas'. Actually... I don't think that's what they say. Regardless, you'd have to be mad to refuse this stunning Tiffany necklace!

Do you prefer buying one big presents or lost of little presents when it comes to Christmas?

Have a great day!
Meg x


Christmas Gift Guide // £25 And Under | Stocking Filler EDIT!

Christmas Gift Guide | Stocking Fillers!

As Vogue would say, more dash than cash? Here I have all the reasons why you should take off the bah humbug hat and put on your festive shoes! You don't have to spend a lot of money to make those special people in your life happy. I simply asked myself the question, what would I love to unwrap on Christmas morning that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg... Hence why all the items featured in this are under £25! You'll thank me later.

What would Christmas be without sequins? With the party season just around the corner this bejewelled clutch will take you from day to night in no time. At the bargain price of £17.99, your LBD won't be so boring anymore! Another gift idea that has been taking over the market recently is the Benefit gift sets, ranging from £19-£44, you are guaranteed to put a smile on someones face. They have all you could ever want in miniature size with a minute price tag. Word of advice: If you're going to be making someones day with these adorable Ciaté Christmas baubles, buy them online here and save yourself some money; they currently have a 2 for £12 offer! I don't know anyone who would say no to a Zoella product, (well maybe my dad... But back to the gift guide) so spoil someone with the gift of Zoe Sugg!

What would you like to unwrap on Christmas Day?

Have a great day!
Meg x
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