The Christmas Tag!

As I was tagged by the lovely Estelle, and because its Christmas, I thought why not take part in the Christmas tag! I love everything about Christmas so this is perfect for me.

What are you up to on Christmas Eve?
To be completely honest, I don't know myself yet. I'll more than likely just stay in with the family and just eat lots and lots of chocolate!

Who do you spend your Christmas day with?
This is always a little complicated but for the previous 2 years I've had Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with my mother's side. Then at around 12pm on Christmas day my dad picks me up and I go to my aunties for Christmas dinner and the rest of my dad's side, and then my dad will drop me off with my mum later on- if that made any sense!

Do you enjoy giving or receiving gifts?
I'm not going to lie I absolutely love receiving presents, but there really is no better feeling than watching someone open the present you bought them and them love it, as cheesy as it sounds.

What does your outfit consist of on Christmas Day?
It depends on where I'm going, if I'm just staying at home all day I'll just stay in my comfortable clothes (PJ's, joggers etc...) but if I'm going out I'll usually make a bit of an effort and wear a dress. New Years Eve is mainly the night in which I dress up rather than Christmas, again depending on what I'm doing.

Do you enjoy shopping for your loved one's gifts?
I absolutely love it! It's so much fun. Personally, I quite enjoy it when shops are rammed with people due to the Christmas season and everywhere is really busy, but I know it's not for everyone.

Have you ever received a gift that you disliked and pretended you liked it?
To be completely honest with you, no! Or at least not that I can remember.

What would your ideal Christmas be?
Sorry Estelle I'm stealing your idea. My perfect (but incredibly pretentious and it would never happen) Christmas would be in a huge log cabin in the middle of Italy with all my family and friends with snow outside and reindeer's and skiing and hot chocolate and... you get the point.

What is your least favourite thing about Christmas?
That's it comes and goes SO quickly, I just wish It could be Christmas all the time! 

What is the best gift you have ever received?
I consider both my laptop and piano as a late Christmas present so if I could say 2 things, it would be them!

If you could choose one person to spend Christmas with who would it be and why? 
I don't really understand this question in terms of people I know or celebrities, If we mean celebrities I would have to say Harry Styles, because, Harry Styles....

I tag YOU!

What is your favourite thing about Christmas? What do your think to the questions included int his tag?

Have a great day!
Meg x


  1. I love your duvet cover! Is it the brushed cotton one from Primark?? It looks soooo cosy :)

    Cathy x

    1. YES! I spotted it in there a while back and it was soooo cheap, couldn't pass it up! It's so comfortable! Thank you for your comment lovely!xx


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