Favourite Lipsticks of 2013!

Left to right: Maybelline Colour Sensational 808 Soft Pearl | YSL Rouge Volupté 7 Lingerie Pink | Mac Cremeup | Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Punch | Seventeen Beehive | Rimmel Moisture Renew 380 Dark Night Waterl-oops! |

Packaging wise, it's obvious that YSL is in the lead as it's beautiful golden encasing significantly stands out amongst the rest of the lipsticks. It's one of those that you'd want to show off on your desk, or at least with me that's the case. The formulation is also beautiful and they feel so silky on the lips. The only downside is this shade in particular doesn't last a huge amount of time, but it probably doesn't help that the colour is so light. On the other hand, the deep berry tone of the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick is something I didn't own before buying this one, and surprisingly, I actually really love it, especially with a golden smoky eye. Again, the downside is that the new formula of the Rimmel lipsticks means that the lipstick is distinctively a lot more creamy, perhaps too creamy, and therefore the lipstick tends to bleed if I'm not careful.

As you can already tell, I'm definitely more of a muted pink lipstick fan, however recently I've been trying to venture out of my comfort zone, even if that means just trying a different texture or formula. Overall I'd have to say Mac's Cremecup and Seventeens Beehive are two of my favourites, just because they are so easy to wear, and obviously YSl's Lingerie Pink purely because of it's stunning exterior.

What have been your favourite lipstick's through 2013? Have you tried any of the lipsticks I featured?

Have a great day!
Meg x


The Christmas Tag!

As I was tagged by the lovely Estelle, and because its Christmas, I thought why not take part in the Christmas tag! I love everything about Christmas so this is perfect for me.

What are you up to on Christmas Eve?
To be completely honest, I don't know myself yet. I'll more than likely just stay in with the family and just eat lots and lots of chocolate!

Who do you spend your Christmas day with?
This is always a little complicated but for the previous 2 years I've had Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with my mother's side. Then at around 12pm on Christmas day my dad picks me up and I go to my aunties for Christmas dinner and the rest of my dad's side, and then my dad will drop me off with my mum later on- if that made any sense!

Do you enjoy giving or receiving gifts?
I'm not going to lie I absolutely love receiving presents, but there really is no better feeling than watching someone open the present you bought them and them love it, as cheesy as it sounds.

What does your outfit consist of on Christmas Day?
It depends on where I'm going, if I'm just staying at home all day I'll just stay in my comfortable clothes (PJ's, joggers etc...) but if I'm going out I'll usually make a bit of an effort and wear a dress. New Years Eve is mainly the night in which I dress up rather than Christmas, again depending on what I'm doing.

Do you enjoy shopping for your loved one's gifts?
I absolutely love it! It's so much fun. Personally, I quite enjoy it when shops are rammed with people due to the Christmas season and everywhere is really busy, but I know it's not for everyone.

Have you ever received a gift that you disliked and pretended you liked it?
To be completely honest with you, no! Or at least not that I can remember.

What would your ideal Christmas be?
Sorry Estelle I'm stealing your idea. My perfect (but incredibly pretentious and it would never happen) Christmas would be in a huge log cabin in the middle of Italy with all my family and friends with snow outside and reindeer's and skiing and hot chocolate and... you get the point.

What is your least favourite thing about Christmas?
That's it comes and goes SO quickly, I just wish It could be Christmas all the time! 

What is the best gift you have ever received?
I consider both my laptop and piano as a late Christmas present so if I could say 2 things, it would be them!

If you could choose one person to spend Christmas with who would it be and why? 
I don't really understand this question in terms of people I know or celebrities, If we mean celebrities I would have to say Harry Styles, because, Harry Styles....

I tag YOU!

What is your favourite thing about Christmas? What do your think to the questions included int his tag?

Have a great day!
Meg x


Defining Fashion & Trends

Just like an artist, fashion enthusiasts know that fashion is not just a hobby, fashion is not just a way in people choose to make money, fashion is art. Fashion is intelligent in the way that it is capable of exposing emotions or personalities, just through the way we dress or desire to. Now I'm not going to sit here and say that the whole world revolves around fashion, because I would most probably be lying to you, however the art of fashion is something that can not be defined. Everyone approaches fashion with a different perspective, and the inevitable versatility of fashion influences so many people to be intrigued and be captivated by such a huge industry.
"Describe fashion in 3 words"... "That is impossible"
Trends are something that are again inescapable, whether we like it or not. If it be from a model we see on the catwalk or from the current new girl band that grace our screens, trends come and go. My advice is to be careful when it comes to buying new items at the absolute prime of a new trend, I wouldn't recommend investing in something if its presumably a passing trend and you know you wouldn't buy it unless everyone else was wearing it... but you already knew that. I believe that trends are an effective way of introducing original material into the world of fashion even if it's just for a limited time! 

Highly sought after individuals or promoters impact the way we think about fashion in a way that we don't even realise. Trends happen right before our very own eyes and we are completely oblivious to even begin to comprehend it. For example, Cara Delevigne, instantly all I can think about is that beautiful cream trench coat she sported in the Burberry adverts or the luminous mini Oscar De La Renta Dress she strutted the catwalk in.

Image- Google

Automatically, our brains are tuned to lust after those items, or at least mine definitely is.  Just like Darwin's theory of natural selection, you don't see many people wearing full Victorian lace ball gowns on a regular Tuesday morning anymore, but that's because new trends have occurred and occasionally, one will stick around, revolutionising the way we dress.

Image- Google
If you had to describe fashion in 3 words, what would you say? What is your opinion on the transformation of fashion throughout history?

Have a great day!
Meg x


Beyoncé Releases Entire Brand New Album!

Image- Tumblr
The Queen has done it again, but this time, no publicity, no interviews and no promotion. Beyonce Knowles, currently the most talked about woman in the entire world has only gone and dropped a new album after a long, hard 2 years wait since her groundbreaking album '4' in 2011. The new virtual self-titled album includes 14 brand new songs, and 17 unbelievable videos featuring the likes of Drake, Frank Ocean, Jay-Z and even baby Blue. She really has achieved the impossible, I mean how on earth would a woman who's performing 6 nights a week, maintaining a marriage and looking after her child simultaneously find the time to establish such an amazing album like this one.

As for us fans, it was a shock to the system when she spontaneously placed an entire album on iTunes and an unpredictable statement of 'surprise'. I say spontaneous, most probably more like well planned and scheduled- nonetheless, an incredibly welcomed surprise!

My favourite songs on the album are currently 'Drunk In Love' which I can already tell will be a number one hit, and 'Blue' because it's so personal and original from what I've heard any other artist do previously.

Image- Tumblr
The videos even feature the familiar faces of Jourdan Dunn, Chanel Iman and Joan Smalls, incredible! I think it's fair to say that she really sets the bar in terms of accomplishment, no one has an excuse anymore. The woman is essentially brilliant and the ultimate role model. 'Beyonce' will inevitably becoming my favourite album- I can already tell.

What do your think of Beyoncé's no-promotion album release? Will you buy the album, if you have already what did you think?

Have a great day!
Meg x

P.s. I GOT TICKETS TO BEYONCÉ'S SHOW, FINALLY! Tickets to her Mrs Carter World Tour 2014 go on general sale on Monday for the UK at 10am. Make sure you get your tickets before they sell out! Good Luck.x


A/W Shoe Picks!

Personally, shoes are a key factor in any outfit. Those who are frequent readers of this blog are aware that I think the coat and shoes are the items that can either make or break an outfit. They can transform your look completely at the fastening of a strap.

We all know that trends change through the duration of each year, and winter is when it all kicks off in the shoe department. December and January are the ultimate party season and a good pair of shoes wouldn't go a miss, so here are a few of my favourites I've spotted on the highstreet, for both everyday wear and parties!
From right to left, top row to bottom row: Vagabond | Kurt Geiger | Office | Topshop | Kurt Geiger | Missguided |
What do you think about the items I picked for winter? What are/ going to be your most worn shoes this winter?

Have a great day!
Meg x
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