What's On My Dressing Table? Christmas Edition | MegBolderson.

Hello Everyone, so as we all know, Christmas is almost here! Well, not really, more like 2 months away. Perhaps considering I wait more or less 10 months for this time to come around, I think I deserve to be a little excited a little early (as some would say). Before we know it we'll be packing up the Christmas decorations and saying goodbye to Christmas, so let's make the most of it before it's over!

Every year is different. however sometimes I struggle to get in the Christmas mood, more so when I was younger, however what harm does a few additions to my room to make it feel a little more cosy do? This year it's all about candles, who am I kidding, Christmas is always about candles. I honestly never knew how much of a difference candles make to a room, especially one that isn't particularly big, like mine. They just send such a satisfying aroma throughout the room creating more of a somewhat relaxed vibe.

Fairy Lights are also my key to Christmas. If you have a mirror like mine, you have to get a set of fairy lights if you're feeling a little demotivated about Christmas. I know this sounds ridiculous and slightly delusional, but they make me feel a lot more welcome in my own space, I don't mean I don't feel welcome any other time of the year, but every time I turn them on I just feel so much more at home!

Christmas is most definitely my favourite time of the year, the weather, the festivities, the dark nights, the list could go on forever!

What is your favourite time of the year? 

Have a great day!
Meg x


  1. Where did you get your dressing table from hun? I love it!


    1. It's from Ikea hun! Thank you so much. Xx

  2. your dressing table is so pretty and organized. I love how everything's grey and white, makes everything look so perfect xx


    1. Thank you so much! That so lovely of you! It's in no way perfect, I'm sure yours is just as lovely if not even nicer! Xx

  3. Those white rose lights are so lovely!!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I was given them as a gift so unfortunately I couldn't direct you where to buy them, however now it's lost Christmas i'm sure you'll find something similar! Xx


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