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Fashion is obviously the prime factor in why most of us are here, certainly me anyway. Without fashion, I couldn't be a fashion blogger, I couldn't be a fashion enthusiast and I sure would have a lot more money. However, fashion is something a lot of people take pride in, a way in which we express ourselves and without fashion, I think the world we live in would be a very mundane and unmotivated environment. I love the way fashion can instantly change the way the mind reacts to things, and has the ability to instantly change how you feel.

My absolute favourite season for fashion is the A/W months. The structure of a outfit is completely different to summer, depending on the occasion, in my opinion. Despite the fact that in summer I love running through fields in nothing but a bright summer dress and a floppy hat (I wish), I love nothing more than wrapping up warm in 10 different layers, throwing on a thick knitted scarf and a pair of boots! Adding depth to an outfit is probably my favourite element to festive fashion, I love pairing knitted jumpers with woollen coats, or the other way around.

My attitudes towards festive fashion have changed a lot throughout the years. I used to hate the winter, and now... Well let's just say I want it to snow purely so I can pile on the jumpers. On that note, as part of the Next Blogger Network I thought it would be a great idea to make a wishlist of the most beautiful festive pieces from their website that I adore!

Buy here.

The tartan print is massive this season as most of you will already know. This coat is so different because although it still incorporates the tartan print it has a complete different edge in this khaki green almost grey colour. It would also be extremely easy to wear as the dark colour is simpler to style, making any outfit look effortlessly well put together!

Buy here.

I don't care who you are, the cheesy reindeer Christmas jumper is an absolute necessity when it comes to winter!
Buy here.
I remember seeing something like this in H&M years ago and never bought it but haven't stopped thinking about it since, this takes layering to whole new depths, I just love this so much!

Buy here.
A trouser with a subtle check like this are amazing, the simplicity of them opens so many doors in terms of what to pair them with, and the monochrome element makes everything so much more straightforward.

What are your opinions on festive fashion? What was your favourite thing I featured?

Have a great day!
Meg x


  1. Great post; we love festive fashion. Completely agree the cheesy reindeer Christmas jumper is an absolute must! :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. Thank you very much! You can't go wrong with a cheesy Christmas jumper! Xx

  2. Love the first coat! xxx


  3. Love the checked coat and trousers! Great post x


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