Christmas Wishlist- Fashion Edition!

Christmas Wishlist- Fashion Edition
Black Chelsea Boots, H&M | Mint Green Coat, Romwe | Tartan Trousers, Zara | Red Scarf, Barbour | Bag, Chanel | Pink Coat, Topshop |

Winter fashion is my absolute favourite type of fashion, if that's even a thing. I just love the dark vampy colours and the autumnal prints! Coming up are a few items that I would love to add to my wardrobe this Christmas!

H&M Black Chelsea Boots-
I bought a pair of chestnut Chelsea boots this time last year and haven't had them off since. If I can get so much wear out of a pair of brown ones I dread to think how much wear I would get out of a pair of black ones. I mean it when I say they go with pretty much any outfit you pair them with, and look great! I would definitely benefit from a pair of plain black ones *hint hint*!

Romwe Mint Green Coat-
I know this is on my wish list but I cheated and bought this already, although I ordered it over a month ago and it still hasn't arrived... This little beauty from Romwe, I spotted it on one of Patricia Bright's videos who is an amazing Blogger and 'YouTuber' whom you should all go check out right now! I love the pastel trend that's hit the hughstreet this winter, it would add a nice pop of colour to an all black outfit!

Zara Tartan Trousers-
I think these are a little bit of a hit or miss for some people, but personally I love them! I don't own anything like this so they would be a great piece to have. I think the green ties in really well with the blue, and although they are both very different colours, they look very classy but still comfortable!

Barbour Tartan Scarf-
Yet again another tartan piece, everyone is continuously going on about the tartan scarf and I completely understand why. They are just so beautiful and are a great way to add some colour and texture to an outfit, and with a big coat and a hat, a tartan scarf would fit right in.

Chanel 2.55-
I wish I could say the same thing about this as I did for the coat, I don't think I will ever own anything as beautiful as this for as long as I live, and if I am ever lucky enough to own one, it won't be for a very (VERY) long time. I mean I don't think I could even trust myself with an item like this just because I would be so scared to damage or ruin it. Nonetheless, this is probably the most beautiful bag on the market in my opinion and is an absolutely timeless, classic piece. Oh Coco...

Topshop Pastel Pink Coat-
As embarrassing as it sounds I must have stood in front of the mirror in Topshop for what felt like an eternity (probably more like ten minutes) just adoring this coat. Again, this demonstrates the pastel trend and would look like you had done your research on fashion, and simultaneously be wrapped up warm in a big snuggly coat! Sounds ideal to me.

Do you own any of the items featured? What do you like best about winter fashion?

Have a great day!
Meg x

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