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Pro-Voke Twice a Week Brightening Shampoo and Daily Nourishing Conditioner | Around £2 each.

This is a review I've been interested in doing for months now, but wanted to properly give the product a chance before giving an opinion of it I may well felt differently a few weeks later. This is the 'Pro-Voke Touch of Silver Twice a Week Brightening Shampoo and Daily Nourishing Conditioner!' I'm sure you've all seen these before, and know exactly what they do, but I may as well tell you again for any of you that don't know!

Now if you're the same as me and dye your hair blonde, or have highlights, will find that after a few weeks the glossy 'salon' colour slowly diminishes and your hair becomes a very dull shade of blonde, perhaps even resembling more copper than blonde. Although golden locks are every girls dream, sometimes I find I want my hair to be a little more ashy and brighter than orange-toned.

The idea of the 'purple shampoo' is to neutralise the brassy tones in your hair that to create not only a more ashy, silver shade, but to give you that 'fresh out of the salon' appearance again. And who can say no to that, really? From what I've researched, the purple colour they use is the exact opposite shade of yellow on the colour spectrum. So applying this to your hair for 5 minutes twice a week is meant to balance out the yellow pigment in your hair.

After using this for a week, I didn't see much difference in the colour of my hair, other than a tiny difference under certain light, but I kept with it because I've heard some brilliant things on this shampoo and conditioner duo. I'm so happy I did because low and behold, after about 4 washes I saw a huge difference in the colour of my hair, It honestly has changed it from being a really amber colour to having a bright almost silver tinge! I'm so pleased I decided to try it and I will definitely be using it when my hair needs an urgent pick-me-up! I dread to think what colour my hair would be now If I hadn't decided to use it.

Have you ever tried a silver shampoo before? If so, what did you think?

Have a great day!
Meg x

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