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You all know how much of a Beyoncé fanatic I am, so it only makes sense that I am a Solange fanatic too! Low and behold, the iconic Beyoncé has only gone and got herself a sassy, successful sister! Expectedly, having such a worldwide-superstar sister (Beyoncé), you would expect most people to perhaps forget about Solange, which would be assumed, but no, not this time, the beautiful, Solange Knowles is one to watch in 2014! Lets take a look at her mesmerising beauty!

Solange rocks a short, natural afro that screams Solange and really flatters her face shape! She also flaunts her stunning silhouette in this delightful Just Cavalli bold and bright 2 piece suit! 

Solange sports a vibrant Emilio Pucci dress with a dainty gold clutch. Red carpet worthy!
Solange styles casual yet classic white sweater with patterned shorts in Theysken's Theory & Edun and Diesel event '13! 
Jumper, Topshop, £38 | Shorts, Missguided, £19.99| Shoes, Missguided, £29.99 | Bag, eBay | Nail Polish, Essie, 'Bright Tights' |

What do you think of Solange's reformed 'look'? What's your favourite outfit out of the three above?

Have a great day!
Meg x


Pro-Voke Silver Shampoo&Conditioner Review! | MegBoderson.

Pro-Voke Twice a Week Brightening Shampoo and Daily Nourishing Conditioner | Around £2 each.

This is a review I've been interested in doing for months now, but wanted to properly give the product a chance before giving an opinion of it I may well felt differently a few weeks later. This is the 'Pro-Voke Touch of Silver Twice a Week Brightening Shampoo and Daily Nourishing Conditioner!' I'm sure you've all seen these before, and know exactly what they do, but I may as well tell you again for any of you that don't know!

Now if you're the same as me and dye your hair blonde, or have highlights, will find that after a few weeks the glossy 'salon' colour slowly diminishes and your hair becomes a very dull shade of blonde, perhaps even resembling more copper than blonde. Although golden locks are every girls dream, sometimes I find I want my hair to be a little more ashy and brighter than orange-toned.

The idea of the 'purple shampoo' is to neutralise the brassy tones in your hair that to create not only a more ashy, silver shade, but to give you that 'fresh out of the salon' appearance again. And who can say no to that, really? From what I've researched, the purple colour they use is the exact opposite shade of yellow on the colour spectrum. So applying this to your hair for 5 minutes twice a week is meant to balance out the yellow pigment in your hair.

After using this for a week, I didn't see much difference in the colour of my hair, other than a tiny difference under certain light, but I kept with it because I've heard some brilliant things on this shampoo and conditioner duo. I'm so happy I did because low and behold, after about 4 washes I saw a huge difference in the colour of my hair, It honestly has changed it from being a really amber colour to having a bright almost silver tinge! I'm so pleased I decided to try it and I will definitely be using it when my hair needs an urgent pick-me-up! I dread to think what colour my hair would be now If I hadn't decided to use it.

Have you ever tried a silver shampoo before? If so, what did you think?

Have a great day!
Meg x


Current Beauty Favourites! | MegBolderson.

I know my blog is now mainly fashion-based, but what hurt will it do to do the occasional beauty post now and again, therefore today I'm bringing to you my current beauty favourites! I realised that I've actually been enjoying using quite a lot of things, so I thought it was about time I told you why.

Benefit's 'They're Real'- Ok, so everyone and their mum owns this (Yep my mum too!), and as much as I hate to say it, it is a very cliché 'blogger' thing to do, but that's ok, now I understand what all the fuss is about. I mean, I didn't actually think it was possible to be so impressed with a mascara. Mascara is so important to me in my daily makeup routine, especially for school. I don't usually wear a full face of makeup for school, so a sweep of powder and a coat of this little miracle, and I'm good to go. It really does make the world of a difference, and although spending around £19 on a mascara may seem a little unnecessary and excessive to some people, it is completely worth it and I 100% recommend it!

Toni%Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray- Salt sprays are something I've never ventured into using until a few months ago, I used wear my hair straight most of the time, so it never really appealed to me. But recently, It's all about at least 'attempting' to achieve volume and texture in my hair, so this does the job perfectly! It was so inexpensive too at around £3!

Tangle Teezer- I recently featured this in my A/W'13 Wishlist post which you can read here. I'd seen a lot of talk about this on the bloggersphere and was so eager to try it out. Boy am I glad I did, It's amazing! It glides through my hair and I feel my hair is in better condition already. I don't even know if that's meant to happen or its psychological, but whatever the reason, I'm in love!

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Nail Treatment- I go through stages where I try and grow my nails, and then where I'm not as bothered or my mind is focused somewhere else. I've used this for as long as I can remember but I've been neglecting my nails a lot recently, and honestly they are just so gross and unappealing! I really am going to try my best efforts to focus on my nails and make my hands look a little nicer for Christmas (So I can do cute festive colours and patterns), and applying a coat of this every other day gives me visible results in no longer than a week. I genuinely  think this product is  amazing and deserves so much more recognition!

Boujours Delice de Powdre Bronzing Powder- Otherwise known as 'The Chocolate Bronzer', this bronzer has had raved reviews for months and I finally managed to get my hands on it. I bought shade 52 and I use it in the hollows of my cheeks and the side of my nose! It's the perfect warm toned powder to apply a little bit of colour to your face. I'll be needing this a lot, especially throughout the colder months.

MUA Lipstick (Shade 16)- This was the first thing I ever bought from MUA, I have no idea why I haven't tried the company line before because everything I've bought so far has been amazing! Shade 16 is a gorgeous mix of red and orange, I wore it a lot throughout summer and will more than likely carry on using it right up to winter. The best part, It was £1, yes that's right I said it, £1. I will definitely be buying more!

MAC Brush Cleanser- I've had this for ages but I've only just rediscovered it within my drawers. As I've said previously, I'm recently trying to get to grips with eyeshadow, so brush cleanser has been a necessity when you're switching from white to black shades (Not a good look, haha!), and this does the job nicely!

What have you been loving recently? Have you tried anything I mentioned?

Have a great day! 
Meg x


October/'13 Wishlist | MegBolderson.

Coat/Topshop | Dress/Topshop | Lipstick/Mac/Plumful | Paintpot/Mac/Lets Skate | Shorts/ Missguided | Tangleteezer |
Naked 2 Palette/Urban Decay | Bag/ Topshop|

What's on your October wishlist? Are any of the items featured in this post on your wish list?

Have a great day!
Meg x

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