The Pastel-Pink Coat Take Over | MegBolderson.

The pink coat... It speaks for itself.  Hot from the runway, the pastel-pink coat is the quintessence of femininity, the spirit and soul of fall fashion. It really is one of the most functional, flexible pieces to have in your wardrobe right now, ultimately becoming the focal-point for any outfit. Pastel-pink is a colour that was once assigned to summer and summer only, but now, expectations have been somewhat exceeded and it's everywhere, and should definitely be hanging in your closet. (I need one!). The crisp, clean lines mean this coat adapts around the figure, creating a flattering, elegant, and polished result. The amalgamation of pastel-pink and wool combines so successfully, that almost anything could be worn with this, and it would still be the centre of attention, without being excessive or overwhelming.

 What's your favourite trend for A/W'13? Is there anything in particular you're going to make an effort to purchase this season?

P.S- I have an exam next week so posts will be a little less frequent.
Have a great day!
Meg x

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