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As part of my GCSE Geography coursework, classmates and I had to visit the town of Whitby to interview some tourists about the impacts of tourism. Whitby is a quaint little village nestled in the North York Moors along the coast! The weather turned out to be appalling and we spent most of the day inside sheltered from the rain, however whilst the rain had stopped I took the opportunity to get a few snaps of the beautiful backstreets of Whitby town  and the idyllic scenery it had to offer (minus the clouds), to feature on my blog. There were plenty of charming and romantic cafes to swoon upon, and a handful of vintage antique shops to get lost in! Heres what I found...

An adorable café that caught my eye.
A delightful antique shop I spotted.

A close up of Whitby Abbey.
Whitby is full of tiny little pubs burrowed amongst the back streets!
Perhaps my favourite out of the lot, some beautiful flowers I spotted!
 Hope you enjoyed this small post guys!

 Have you ever visited Whitby before? Where is your favourite coastal town to go to?

Have a great day!

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