The Pastel-Pink Coat Take Over | MegBolderson.

The pink coat... It speaks for itself.  Hot from the runway, the pastel-pink coat is the quintessence of femininity, the spirit and soul of fall fashion. It really is one of the most functional, flexible pieces to have in your wardrobe right now, ultimately becoming the focal-point for any outfit. Pastel-pink is a colour that was once assigned to summer and summer only, but now, expectations have been somewhat exceeded and it's everywhere, and should definitely be hanging in your closet. (I need one!). The crisp, clean lines mean this coat adapts around the figure, creating a flattering, elegant, and polished result. The amalgamation of pastel-pink and wool combines so successfully, that almost anything could be worn with this, and it would still be the centre of attention, without being excessive or overwhelming.

 What's your favourite trend for A/W'13? Is there anything in particular you're going to make an effort to purchase this season?

P.S- I have an exam next week so posts will be a little less frequent.
Have a great day!
Meg x


The Autumn Tag! | MegBolderson.

Hey guys! Today I have a very exciting, autumnal post for you all to read! Now, if you're a regular reader of my blog, you will know about my blogging-bestie, the absolutely beautiful Estelle from Let Me Go xo, well she's only gone and tagged me in another thoroughly intriguing tag!

So let's get to the questions,
For Autumn, what is your...

Favourite thing about it?
Ok, so this is pretty tricky, but perhaps my absolute favourite thing about autumn is layering! Don't get me wrong, short dresses and kimonos are all fun and games in the summer time, but when it reaches autumn, I go crazy for the big woolly jumpers and coats! Scarves are one of my favourite ways to layer up an outfit and add texture and dimension, and still be weather appropriate!

Favourite scent/candle?
I don't have a particular favourite candle but my favourite scent for fall is hands down, vanilla. I just instantly feel 10x more cosy and comfortable when I light a vanilla candle and it just gets me in the Christmas spirit!...(Yes, I know it's only September)

Best Lipstick?
Again, I don't particularly have a favourite lipstick for the forthcoming months either, perhaps I'll decide that one in a few weeks and get back to you. I'm definitely intrigued by the dark lip recently though, I've seen Beyonce along with many others sporting a dark plum lip and it looks spectacular!

Go to moisturiser?
Most probably just the Nivea soft moisturiser I always use for my face, and recently I've been loving the Nip+Fab pistachio sundae body butter for the rest of my body, it just screams autumn!

Go to colour for the eyes?
I'm glad this question came up actually because as of lately, I've been really trying my best to incorporate eyeshadow into my makeup routine. I really do think it can completely transform your desired 'look' however I'm not very good at it (*re-phrase that*, terrible!)... But I'm trying! I'm making a conscious effort to buy more eyeshadow, and on my free days, just play around and see what works and what doesn't. So I'd probably just be safe at the moment and stick to neutrals, perfectly appropriate for the autumn months too, so it's pretty convenient.

Favourite band/singer or music to listen to?
My music taste is the same all year really, except from a week before Christmas where I refuse to play anything other than Christmas music... Beyonce, Vampire Weekend, Jack Johnson, Arctic Monkeys, Two Door Cinema Club, etc etc...

Favourite outfit to wear?
As I said before, layering is my absolute favourite thing about Autumn, but I don't have a particular go-to outfit when it comes to the colder months. Off the top of my head, my ideal just everyday, fall outfit would be a pair of jeans (I live in them), a casual top, a sweater, about as many jumper as humanly possible, my tweed 'old-grandma' coat (as I like to call it), a big scarf and a pair of Chelsea boots!

Autumn Treat?
I think my wardrobe is majorly lacking in jeans! So this autumn, my treat to myself is an injection of jeans!

Favourite place to be?
I know pretty much everyone has said this, but in a wood somewhere listening to the leaves crunching beneath the soles of my feet! And if that's not possible, in front of the fire with a cup of tea watching some trash-TV!

Tag's are my favourite because not only do you get to know a lot more about me, but I get to know a lot more about you if you choose to do it too!

Thank you again to the fabulous Estelle for tagging me! Make sure you go check her out.
I tag these beauties to do the tag too, their blogs are amazing, and of course anyone else who wants to do it!
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Have a great day!


A Day In Whitby! | MegBolderson.

As part of my GCSE Geography coursework, classmates and I had to visit the town of Whitby to interview some tourists about the impacts of tourism. Whitby is a quaint little village nestled in the North York Moors along the coast! The weather turned out to be appalling and we spent most of the day inside sheltered from the rain, however whilst the rain had stopped I took the opportunity to get a few snaps of the beautiful backstreets of Whitby town  and the idyllic scenery it had to offer (minus the clouds), to feature on my blog. There were plenty of charming and romantic cafes to swoon upon, and a handful of vintage antique shops to get lost in! Heres what I found...

An adorable café that caught my eye.
A delightful antique shop I spotted.

A close up of Whitby Abbey.
Whitby is full of tiny little pubs burrowed amongst the back streets!
Perhaps my favourite out of the lot, some beautiful flowers I spotted!
 Hope you enjoyed this small post guys!

 Have you ever visited Whitby before? Where is your favourite coastal town to go to?

Have a great day!


The Return Of The Shift Dress w/ Lucy Watson&Missguided! | MegBolderson.

Now, Lucy Watson, the centre of attention throughout last seasons Made In Chelsea has done it again! She is most certainly one of my main style inspirations when it comes to fashion, actually, when it comes to anything. Anything she touches may as well say 'iconic' in blinding, flashing lights. Only recently did I see this picture and already I've seen about 4 girls wearing this dress. I'm checking the 'back in stock' page every single day to see when this little beauty will be back and available to order! For now, we have to wait...(haha!)

The shift dress is in essence, a very plain and uncomplicated shape, but somehow still manages to nip in in all the right places and echo your silhouette flawlessly. Length wise, they are pretty perfect for everyday wear, not too long, and not too short. The clean lines fit the figure remarkably and look incredible as they neatly fit the body and fall effortlessly in all the right places! 

Dress- Missguided- £24.99

The gorgeous Lucy pulls this shapeless dress of like it was made for her, and teamed with a pair of subtle yet stunning black boots and a slouchy black leather bag, this little trio could have been made in heaven! Seeing such a highly distinguished and influential figure wearing something from the high-street never seizes to amaze me, for the good of course. I really admire and respect celebrities that choose to spend high street prices when they could perhaps afford to send 10x more than what they paid! It really does show you don't have to spend thousands of pounds to look incredible.

Have you seen anyone in this dress? How would you choose to style this dress?

Have a great day!


What's In My Bag? | MegBolderson.

A bag is an essential item, an extension of your arm and a roof to hide all of life's small necessities. A bag is also an accessory, a very sought after accessory, and one I am therefore going to discuss with you today. Now some would say this is perhaps this is a little extensive for everyday use, and some would alternatively say this is just the basics to carry around, but this is what I carry so I thought why not share with you what is hanging on my arm on an everyday basis!

Cut to the chase...

The Bag
In my case, this is a little structured satchel that I found in Primark of all places for under £10! Some would say it's somewhat of a Cambridge Satchel 'knock-off' (which I lust for), but once you get past that and focus on the actual design and capacity of the bag, it's actually rather perfect! I love it and would love to own it in more than one colour. Satchels are so easy to style and transform an outfit, I would definitely recommend one if you are looking to add practicality and elegance to an outfit!

A Magazine
Especially if you're the typical globe trotter and like to travel a lot, you will find yourself becoming extremely bored extremely quickly, so a magazine such as Vogue will keep you interested and simultaneously aware of current trends! And as Fall has quickly crept up on us this year, staying in the loop in the fashion industry is nothing other than a requirement!

I'm sure every one owns one of these so they are pretty self explanatory, this little beaded one was again from Primark for under £5. Amazing!

Makeup Bag Containing Essentials
A transparent makeup Bag is an essential I never knew I needed up until a few weeks ago, they are so much easier because you know exactly where to go when looking for cosmetics, therefore are less time consuming and you aren't rummaging through your makeup bag for half an hour trying to find your lipstick. Now I packed this one a little too full, I wouldn't usually carry every single thing that this little transparent pouch accommodates (in the picture), but I would typically carry around a lip balm (Such as Vaseline or perhaps a lipstick), and eyeliner, and most importantly a powder! My skin tends to get a little oily at around mid-day so a powder is extremely important, my favourite is Rimmel Stay Matte because it really does keep your face matte without looking cakey! But you already knew that...

Chewing Gum
 Again, pretty self explanatory, just throw one in after meals and you're good to go! 

This one is more of a summer essential but I hate nothing more than squinting the whole day so a good pair of sunglasses is crucial to protect your eyes from the sun! I purchased mine a few weeks ago from Ray-Ban, they are an investment I know I will be satisfied with for years!

Dry Shampoo
Recently I've found my hair gets oily a lot quicker than it used to, so dry shampoo is an absolute must when it comes to long-distance travelling!

Salt Spray
 This is one I picked up from Toni&Guy a few months ago and I'm loving it so far, the smell isn't amazing but it does a rather adequate job at adding texture and volume to my hair.

Hand Lotion
This is one I was given in a perfume box but any kind of lotion is fine. With winter just around the corner my hands tend to get very dry and even crack sometimes which isn't only uncomfortable but unsightly and painful. Just a tiny drop of lotion lathered onto my hands instantly relieves the pain and moisturises my hands perfectly. 

A Back Combing Brush
 These little guys are perfect for adding instant volume to your hair without a huge effort on your part, win!

And finally, the perfume I'm currently loving! 'Dolce&Gabanna L'eau The One', I've spoken about this before but I honestly can't explain how beautiful and feminine this perfume is. The scent is completely unique and quite extraordinary! To say the packaging is completely minimalist the scent is just euphoric and like nothing I've ever smelt before!

That's it for today lovelies! I hope you enjoyed this post. 'What's In My Bag' posts are some of my favourite so make sure you leave me the link to yours if you have one!

What's in your bag this season? What is the one item you can't leave the house without?

Have a great day!

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