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Hello lovely readers, again... I apologise for being a bit MIA recently, I really have no excuse, so I give you permission to be angry at me. I've been shopping quite frequently recently so I have a few outfit posts planned so stay tuned for that! Again I really am sorry for not posting, I promise I won't be gone for that long again.

Today I have a review of some lipsticks I have been absolutely lusting for recently. I was just shopping the other day and came across these amazing finds! I know the moisture renew lipsticks aren't particularly new, however I've only just discovered them and instantaneously knew that I needed to review them and tell you all about them!

So, up first is '210- Fancy'. I'm so in love with this colour, it's a gorgeous pink with beautiful glitter particles which is so flattering on the lips. It also means you don't always have to wear gloss with it if you don't want to. So in my opinion it is both a lipstick and a lipgloss in one tube! It's not too overpowering either as it is not completely opaque so you can wear it quite subtly or build it up.

Next up, I have a nude! Now, I'm not one to wear nudes like a lot of other people. I just find them so daunting and most of them just wash me out and make me look like a ghost or that I forgot to put lipstick on. However, '700- Nude Delight' is the perfect nude for me! So many people have raved and raved about this, most people saying it is just the right nude, not too brown and not too orangey. If you're in the same situation I was, I 100% recommend going out and buying this! You will not regret it.

 Last but definitely not least, and most probably my favourite of the three is '320- Funtime Fuchsia'. Again I've heard so much about this lipstick on the bloggersphere. If you're looking for the perfect summer bright pink lip colour, this is your answer! It looks so dark when it's in the tube, almost reddish in fact. But when it's on the lips it automatically turns to this absolutely beautiful neon pink. The blue undertones look amazing on the lips and it goes on completely opaque. To me, it almost feels more like a lip stain than a lipstick because it really does last all day. The only downside is that when it does eventually start to wear off it can separate in certain places, fortunately this still doesn't put me off.

Overall I think these lipsticks are fantastic value for money at a mere £6.29! I will definitely be purchasing more colours. 

Have you tried the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks? What's your favourite colour to be wearing this summer?
Have a great day!

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