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Last week, I spotted a company called 'Tom Brown's Satchels' on Twitter and had to check them out. Soon after visiting their website and lusting over all the beautiful satchels they have to offer, I had to give them a follow. A few days later I was approached by the company wondering if I would like to feature them on my blog! This made me incredibly happy as satchels are possibly one of my favourite accessories to carry around with me as they just make an outfit look so classy and elegant without being too over the top.

Each satchel is handcrafted in Britain and is discreetly engraved with the Tom Browns logo. Inspired by Britain, Tom Brown's Satchels promote not only high-fashion, but high quality and craftsmanship! One of my favourite elements of the brand is that embossing is available, so even your bag can be personal to you. Here are a few of my favourite designs from the brand!

So I thought I would kick it off with this absolutely beautiful, classic tan leather satchel, which claims to have made it onto the bestselling list according to the Tom Brown's Satchels website which you can visit here. This incredibly functional satchel is the 'Brontë' from the 'Brilliantly British' collection which says it all. Satchel's like this really do represent British fashion in my eyes and the practicality of a satchel like this. For instance, this would look amazing as an office bag to store stationary paired with a suit and heels, or even at a festival teamed with a straw hat and wellies!

Brontë- £70-£81 (depending on size)
Next up, the 'Buchanan' from the Great Gatsby collection. Inspired by the famous Daisy Buchanan from the Novel ' The Great Gatsby' which I am a huge fan of, this satchel really is the definition of glamour. Although is has the original structure and design of the classic satchel, the metallic silver completely transforms the whole idea and creates a very elegant accessory, without being too in your face and daring. Just the right amount of sparkle. That being said, when is too much sparkle ever enough?
Buchanan- £95- £105 (depending on size)

Now, this one is another story. The 'Notting Hill' satchel from the 'London Calling' range really opens up so many different doors in the world of fashion! This satchel is the future of all satchels, I can guarantee it. The apple green embraces the colour blocking trend and would look amazing on a stroll through London as you take a few snaps of Big Ben. I can imagine this satchel working with pretty much any outfit you challenge it to, just because it's so pleasing that even if it clashes with the rest of your outfit, someway or another, it would still work and tie in with even the smallest detail.
Notting Hill- £70- £81 (depending on size)
Penultimately, the 'Gatsby'. Obviously this one is inspired by The Great Gatsby. And if you don't know who he is, where have you been? This impressive patent black satchel is so luxurious but so practical at the same time. It has glimmering, silver hardware which just makes it all that more desirable. It really is just so classic and English. I feel it is one of those accessories that would be appropriate for any event, whether that be a red carpet event (I wish) or a quick lunch with friends. I also love how versatile it is in the fact that I consider this satchel unisex, so I say satchel's for everyone!
Gatsby- £98- £130 (depending on size)
Finally, and most probably my favourite of the five (along with the Buchanan). This beautiful pink satchel is based on Juliet from the playwright Romeo and Juliet, which throughout the Shakespearean period of Great Britain's history became very apparent. Because the Shakespearean period was and is such an important and iconic time, the satchel replicates the success and represents Juliet down to a T! I just love it so much, so feminine and suitable but so distinctive at the same time.
Juliet- £70- £81 (depending on size)
And that's it! There you saw just 5 of my many favourite satchels from the brand. I really hope you enjoyed this post and learnt a little more about my love for satchels! In case you missed the link earlier, you can visit the Tom Browns website here which I highly recommend you do and see what else you can discover!

Have you ever purchased from Tom Browns Satchel's before? What do you love about satchels?

Have a great day!
*All opinions are my own.


  1. Love it, your a great Fashion-ista <3

    1. Thank you! That's such a lovely compliment. Xx

  2. I myself have a camebridge satchel that looks quite similar to these. They're such sweet bags and I love to whack mine out in the summer!

    hazzie xx

    1. I agree, I also would love to own a Cambridge Satchel! Satchels are just so amazing, I want one from everywhere haha. I especially love the neon range from The Cambridge Satchel Company, been lusting for the bright green one for almost a year now! Xx

  3. Omg these bags are so cute, love the colour varieties ! Great blog xx


    1. Thank you so much! It really means a lot that you read through and left me a lovely comment, headed over to your blog now! Xx


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