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Hello everyone! I hope you are all feeling fabulous. Now this is not particularly a very exciting post, however I thought I would share with you all my opinions on the Garnier Simply Essentials Soothing Vitamin- Enriched Toner (wow that's a mouthful).

I picked this up a few weeks ago as I'd seen a few bloggers include it in there skincare routine and for the sake of a few pounds I thought I would give it a try, I mean why not?! Of course I didn't have amazing expectations for it because it's not exactly expensive and it's not one of those products that is exceedingly raved about; and I'm so glad I didn't have high expectations because the toner really did not like me. After using it for about a week or so I was experiencing a lot more little pimples and spots that usual and it made me feel really uncomfortable, almost as if it had triggered an acne breakout (I don't even suffer from acne!). This can only be down to the toner as it was the only thing I changed in my skincare routine. I also felt like it made no difference to my skin and my skin didn't actually feel or look any different throughout and after using it. The only thing I do take a liking to is the packaging, my favourite shade of blue!

Now, I hate nothing more than when I'm disappointed with a product and I also hate giving negative reviews as you can probably tell as I sound as if I just love everything I have ever tried which is completely not the case- I therefore came to the conclusion that I'm allowed to not like a product and I shouldn't be ashamed of telling you my opinion. Just because something doesn't work for me does not mean it won't work for you!

Overall I am highly unimpressed with this toner and won't be repurchasing (sad face).

Have you tried this toner? If you have what is it like for you?

Have a great day!


  1. It's all about the packaging!
    I've never been impressed with Garnier products if I'm honest!
    Estelle x

    1. I love their gradual tan and a few other things just not this! :( Xxx

  2. It's always good to know if someone has a bad experience with a product so we can aware that it may not be worth the purchase. I certainly had a bad experience with Alpha h liquid gold, gave me a rash I'm still trying to get rid of :((((

  3. Thanks dear, glad you liked it! You're right though! Hope your rash goes. I won't be trying that anytime soon, thanks for the heads up. :) Xx


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