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I'm sure everyone knows about the return of the denim jacket this season.. If you don't, where have you been? In fact, the denim jacket is not just currently in fashion, it is always in fashion. There is no two ways about it. I mean essentially It's  just like wearing that pair of jeans, on your shoulders. Still completely in your comfort zone but they can still transform an outfit! You can approach a denim jacket from all angles, whether that be with a beautiful floor length day dress, or to grunge up an old vintage romper. Everyone needs one!

1. Levi's | 2. Next | 3. Zara | 4. Office | 5. Miss Selfridge
 A classic denim jacket is a fantastic way to liven up your average maxi dress and wedges! The denim will help to add structure to a flowing dress and really will make a lot of difference, why don't you try it?

1. Levi's | 2. Topshop | 3. Ark | 4. Topshop5. Dr. Martens
I love the way this oversized denim jacket completely frames the whole outfit. It really does push that 'grunge' look to the next level and adds a lot of texture to the whole piece. Denim shorts are a great item to pair with a loose denim jackets as the two denim elements combine together and are a fabulous way to revamp the 90's trend into something new!

1. New Look | 2. River Island | 3. Furla | 4. Kurt Geiger | 5. Next 
In this case, the cropped denim jacket isn't really the main feature as it could be optional and the outfit would still look 'put together'. Although the jacket is really just an addition to an already amazing outfit,  I think including the jacket balances the attire out perfectly and really accentuates the outfit to it's full potential! You can't forget the fact that you'd have to live in Africa to be able to wear this without a jacket- brrr (slight exaggeration I know).

The second thing I love about this is the bag... How beautiful is that? I know transparent bags are a slight invasion of privacy, but if you can get past that, they really are an amazing idea and I can't believe I haven't seen them on the catwalk sooner! They are everywhere, I really really want this bag from Furla that I spotted in a magazine this month, wow, just wow.

What are your opinions on the denim jacket? Do you have on yourself, if so, how do you wear it?

Have a great day!


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