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Hi readers! Today is another one of those collage posts, you know the ones. Apart from today is something I have never done before, two outfits I have put together, one being a casual, day-to-day outfit, one being formal evening attire, both with a high end price tag and a high street price tag!

Lets kick it off with a high end casual outfit! I absolutely LOVE this outfit because of all the different fabrics. Another one of my favourite things about this outfit is the beautiful, fitted Fendi coat that I paired with the cigarette pants and loose fitted shirt because I think it adds a nice element of structure against the loose shirt and contrasts nicely. Oh Celine, I really need you in my life. This bag is the bag of all bags, anyone who is anyone has been caught clutching onto this recently, oh if only... 
 Now for a very similar, but extremely cheaper alternative is this little lovely outfit, who agrees? I love how it is so minimalist but so detailed at the same time! Although the outfit is nowhere near as luxurious as the previous one, as a whole, it's pretty similar, and for someone who has no idea about fashion they may look almost identical. Now for someone who does have a clue about fashion would clearly be able to see the difference in both outfits, but there is also a whopping price difference too! Surely someone like me who can only dream of owning the first outfit, I would happily settle for this gorgeous outfit, I mean who wouldn't?

Secondly, I have this gorgeous evening gown fit for any event you could ever dream of attending! I spotted this incredible Nina Ricci dress whilst browsing, which inspired me to write this post actually. It's just amazing and you really can't deny it, I mean look at the way it hangs, so figure flattering and elegant! I partnered it with a Bogetta Veneta clutch as I liked the way it added just the right amount of grunge to the outfit, without overpowering the lady like, glamorous feel to it. I must say the price of this outfit is absolutely extortionate, (and most probably unnecessary) which I think you'd have to be a gzillionaire to be able to afford (slight exaggeration) however most of the damage is due to the jewellery, which if you're looking for quality, can't turn your nose up at.
Lastly I have a pretty good duplicate for the previous outfit, only without the astounding £14,000 pay up! To say the outfit is not even anywhere near a quarter of the price of the first, I think it's a very reasonable copy and a lot more in a regular person's range. I think it's a fabulous prom look too as prom season is very much upon us. Forever Unique.com is one of my favourite websites to browse when I just need cheering up, all the glitz and glamour instantly put's a smile on my face. That's when I spotted this amazing dress which is a stunning baby pink colour and looks very similar to the Nina Ricci dress above!

Which version is your favourite, high end or high street? Do you think I did well replicating the high end outfits?

Have a great day!


  1. Love posts like this! I think I actually prefer the high street versions! Please do more :)

    Jodie xo
    What Would Audrey Wear?

    1. So glad you like it! Ill be sure to do more posts like this. Xx


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