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I very rarely walk into a shop and fall in love with a pair of shoes straight away... Ok, that was a complete lie. I am a complete and utter sucker for beautiful shoes- I can't deny it. Aren't we all? Surely it's acceptable for a woman to obsess over shoes, whatever the price tag. 

Today I had a lovely little surprise when I walked into Primark! I never ever buy shoes from Primark. Not really for any particular reason, just because I never usually can be bothered to look through all the shelves, and they very rarely actually have my size. However today was different! I knew when I saw these beautiful shoes I had to buy them, if they had my size or not.

They are a beautiful, open toed, platform sandals. I love them because they are so simple but still so elegant and on trend! I think they look like I paid a lot more than what I did for them. I especially love the fact the bottom half is shiny leather (obviously fake) and the rest of the shoe is black suede. The strap also makes me very happy as I find wedges are so much easier to walk in when they have a strap to tie around your ankle and I feel so much more supported.

I'm definitely going to start having a better browse when shopping for shoes in Primark, you never know what you might find!

Have you ever found a pair of shoes you love from Primark? Where is your favourite place to buy shoes?

Have a great day!


  1. I can't believe these are from Primark!


    1. Neither can I! It just shows that even if you're not a regular Primark shopper, now and again you can find some really good things! Xx

  2. As I was scrolling I noticed the Atmosphere label, wowsers! I love Primark but it still continues to surprise me!


    1. Yes I know, like I said I hardly ever buy shoes from Primark but these were far too good to leave behind! Such a great deal, I just hope the quality is good too! Haha. Thanks for reading. Xx

  3. Love these! So on trend too, good old Primark :) xx

    1. You can never go wrong with a bit of Primark! Xx


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