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Hi readers! Today is another one of those collage posts, you know the ones. Apart from today is something I have never done before, two outfits I have put together, one being a casual, day-to-day outfit, one being formal evening attire, both with a high end price tag and a high street price tag!

Lets kick it off with a high end casual outfit! I absolutely LOVE this outfit because of all the different fabrics. Another one of my favourite things about this outfit is the beautiful, fitted Fendi coat that I paired with the cigarette pants and loose fitted shirt because I think it adds a nice element of structure against the loose shirt and contrasts nicely. Oh Celine, I really need you in my life. This bag is the bag of all bags, anyone who is anyone has been caught clutching onto this recently, oh if only... 
 Now for a very similar, but extremely cheaper alternative is this little lovely outfit, who agrees? I love how it is so minimalist but so detailed at the same time! Although the outfit is nowhere near as luxurious as the previous one, as a whole, it's pretty similar, and for someone who has no idea about fashion they may look almost identical. Now for someone who does have a clue about fashion would clearly be able to see the difference in both outfits, but there is also a whopping price difference too! Surely someone like me who can only dream of owning the first outfit, I would happily settle for this gorgeous outfit, I mean who wouldn't?

Secondly, I have this gorgeous evening gown fit for any event you could ever dream of attending! I spotted this incredible Nina Ricci dress whilst browsing, which inspired me to write this post actually. It's just amazing and you really can't deny it, I mean look at the way it hangs, so figure flattering and elegant! I partnered it with a Bogetta Veneta clutch as I liked the way it added just the right amount of grunge to the outfit, without overpowering the lady like, glamorous feel to it. I must say the price of this outfit is absolutely extortionate, (and most probably unnecessary) which I think you'd have to be a gzillionaire to be able to afford (slight exaggeration) however most of the damage is due to the jewellery, which if you're looking for quality, can't turn your nose up at.
Lastly I have a pretty good duplicate for the previous outfit, only without the astounding £14,000 pay up! To say the outfit is not even anywhere near a quarter of the price of the first, I think it's a very reasonable copy and a lot more in a regular person's range. I think it's a fabulous prom look too as prom season is very much upon us. Forever Unique.com is one of my favourite websites to browse when I just need cheering up, all the glitz and glamour instantly put's a smile on my face. That's when I spotted this amazing dress which is a stunning baby pink colour and looks very similar to the Nina Ricci dress above!

Which version is your favourite, high end or high street? Do you think I did well replicating the high end outfits?

Have a great day!


My New Favourite Bikini! | MegBolderson.

Hello lovely readers, I'm the busiest I've ever been at the moment. I'm not going to go into detail as I'm pretty sure you don't actually care about my problems and just want to see what I've been buying, but there are reasons why I'm lacking in posts recently. Everything should be back to normal ASAP so bare with me!

 It seems when the smallest bit of sun appears everyone goes wild in England. The coats come off and the swimwear goes on, hilarious! We can't complain, it makes a difference from wind and rain (Rhyme not intended, haha). So I thought why not show the gorgeous bikini I bought the other day. I absolutely love it and it will be perfect for all those glorious days we have in Leeds (NOT!)

Bikini- Monsoon Outlet £9.60

I think this neon print is perfect for the upcoming summer as brights are really in fashion at the moment! It will pair nicely with a tan too, I just wish I could get one naturally without looking like a lobster.

Have you found anything recently that you think is perfect for summer? Are you going anywhere nice this tear, if so, where?

Have a great day!


April Favourites! | MegBolderson.

Yes It's that time of the month, again! I genuinely can't believe that we are already a week a bit into May. It also means I have a bunch of products to show you that I have been loving last month.

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner
Now, I'm not one to spend buckets of money on shampoo and conditioner, I just don't see any point. I find you can get the exact same results as a high-end product but with much cheaper prices! Correct me if I'm wrong, but since when should spending £50 on shampoo and conditioner be considered legal? Perhaps that's because I haven't ever seen amazing results from expensive shampoo, I might just not have tried the right ones. However, Aussie never ever fail to impress me, and this just makes me love the brand even more! Miracle moist smells exactly like bubblegum. I just love it, and the fact it is priced at under £10 for both bottles just puts a massive grin on my face! It's not one of those shampoos that smells nice just for the duration of it being on your head either, I can still smell it right now as I write this post- I haven't washed my hair since last night! It instantly injects the moisture back into my hair and feels so smooth and lovely. Everyone needs to try this!

Batiste Dry Shampoo (Blush).
I have only ever tried Batiste dry shampoo once before and didn't really rate it that highly. I found it made my hair even more oily than before and made me look like a big grease-head. On a complete whim I picked up another bottle hoping I would change my mind and I was very pleasantly surprised with it! It really does take the greasy-oily look out of my hair when I don't have time to wash it. I still can't quite make my mind up if I like the smell of it or not but I think it's growing on me. It's a very feminine girly smell, perhaps a little too girly but overall I really love it and would love to try the other versions!

John Frieda Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight 
A separate review is due on this product because I love it so much and I can't really explain the process fully in a small paragraph. Long story short, You apply this to your hair when it's wet and blow dry and straighten your hair afterwards, then you're good to go for 3 days! Of course it doesn't stay stick straight for 3 days but its helps ease the frizz and curls in your hair that would naturally develop after straightening normally. I think it works perfectly for my hair type! Let me know if you would like a full review.

FakeBake Airbrush Instant Self-Tan
This is a little cheeky of me as this was gifted to my mum as a present, but I very 'accidentally' tried it out on myself one day and oh my god! It really is just like a spray tan in a bottle. It doesn't streak, it doesn't smell, and It doesn't wear off! I can't comprehend the amount of lovely compliments I have received having this on my skin and how bronzed I looked! It says it lasts for a week and I think this is 100% accurate! Me and my mum are complete converts.

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Powder Brush
I did a full review on this brush HERE. It just applies powder so well and so evenly! The best powder brush I have used yet.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (Medium)
This powder is great because I find I can still achieve that dewy-glowing look but I'm still reassured that my foundation will be set throughout the whole day and I don't have to worry about it wearing off. It feels so lovely and light on my skin and doesn't break me out like most powders. I love the fact it is not matte but still manages to cover well. It is also a perfect match for my foundation which is nice.

LancĂ´me Eyelash Curlers
I am well aware this is very random, but never before have I ever used eyelash curlers. Bad beauty blogger or what? I didn't think they would make that much of a difference but boy was I wrong. I like using them on school days when I don't want to apply a lot of eye make up but still want my lashes to look voluminous and lengthened. I didn't realise how much of a difference they actually made.

What are your favourites from last month? Have you ever used any of the products mentioned?

Have a great day!


The Return Of The Denim Jacket | MegBolderson.

I'm sure everyone knows about the return of the denim jacket this season.. If you don't, where have you been? In fact, the denim jacket is not just currently in fashion, it is always in fashion. There is no two ways about it. I mean essentially It's  just like wearing that pair of jeans, on your shoulders. Still completely in your comfort zone but they can still transform an outfit! You can approach a denim jacket from all angles, whether that be with a beautiful floor length day dress, or to grunge up an old vintage romper. Everyone needs one!

1. Levi's | 2. Next | 3. Zara | 4. Office | 5. Miss Selfridge
 A classic denim jacket is a fantastic way to liven up your average maxi dress and wedges! The denim will help to add structure to a flowing dress and really will make a lot of difference, why don't you try it?

1. Levi's | 2. Topshop | 3. Ark | 4. Topshop5. Dr. Martens
I love the way this oversized denim jacket completely frames the whole outfit. It really does push that 'grunge' look to the next level and adds a lot of texture to the whole piece. Denim shorts are a great item to pair with a loose denim jackets as the two denim elements combine together and are a fabulous way to revamp the 90's trend into something new!

1. New Look | 2. River Island | 3. Furla | 4. Kurt Geiger | 5. Next 
In this case, the cropped denim jacket isn't really the main feature as it could be optional and the outfit would still look 'put together'. Although the jacket is really just an addition to an already amazing outfit,  I think including the jacket balances the attire out perfectly and really accentuates the outfit to it's full potential! You can't forget the fact that you'd have to live in Africa to be able to wear this without a jacket- brrr (slight exaggeration I know).

The second thing I love about this is the bag... How beautiful is that? I know transparent bags are a slight invasion of privacy, but if you can get past that, they really are an amazing idea and I can't believe I haven't seen them on the catwalk sooner! They are everywhere, I really really want this bag from Furla that I spotted in a magazine this month, wow, just wow.

What are your opinions on the denim jacket? Do you have on yourself, if so, how do you wear it?

Have a great day!


A Girl Can Never Own Too Many Pairs Of Shoes! | MegBolderson.

I very rarely walk into a shop and fall in love with a pair of shoes straight away... Ok, that was a complete lie. I am a complete and utter sucker for beautiful shoes- I can't deny it. Aren't we all? Surely it's acceptable for a woman to obsess over shoes, whatever the price tag. 

Today I had a lovely little surprise when I walked into Primark! I never ever buy shoes from Primark. Not really for any particular reason, just because I never usually can be bothered to look through all the shelves, and they very rarely actually have my size. However today was different! I knew when I saw these beautiful shoes I had to buy them, if they had my size or not.

They are a beautiful, open toed, platform sandals. I love them because they are so simple but still so elegant and on trend! I think they look like I paid a lot more than what I did for them. I especially love the fact the bottom half is shiny leather (obviously fake) and the rest of the shoe is black suede. The strap also makes me very happy as I find wedges are so much easier to walk in when they have a strap to tie around your ankle and I feel so much more supported.

I'm definitely going to start having a better browse when shopping for shoes in Primark, you never know what you might find!

Have you ever found a pair of shoes you love from Primark? Where is your favourite place to buy shoes?

Have a great day!
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