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Hi my lovelies, ok, so I know this is a little delayed, as we are already a week into February, but I've never done a favourites post before so I ventured into trying something new- that's one of my new years resolutions ticked off of my bucket list! These are just products and items I've been loving throughout the month of January and items I've been reaching for the most.

Schwarzkopf got2B Guardian Angel heat protection (wow that's a mouthful)- I have a lot of wispy, split ends, there that bad even my hairdresser noticed, but me being as reluctant and stubborn as I am I never let her chop any more than an inch off. Since I started using this I can definitely see a decrease in the amount of split ends I had prior to using this and  my hair feels a lot more Cheryl Cole than what it did and- result!

St.Moriz Instant Self tanning Mousse- I can't stress how brilliant this is, it has a really nice clean formula and it just glides on to your pre-exfoliated skin. I find it doesn't rub off onto materials such as bed linen either which is an enormous advantage. However it does tend to make your hands a tad orange and how ever many times I tried to scrub it off, it would not budge, so I recommend using a matt for application.

Simple Soothing Facial Toner- This does what it says really, it is also very kind to skin so it doesn't break me out! I haven't noticed a huge difference in my skin using this toner however I just love the way it makes my skin feel and I love using it before I go to sleep as it just soothes my skin really nicely.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation- I love this foundation even more than I intended to. I could even go as far as saying I prefer it to my higher end foundations. Rimmel you are on fire at the moment! Go here to read my review.

MAC Beauty Powder in Summer Rose-Unfortunately this was from the Give Me Liberty Of London collection which has now been discontinued, so I'm sorry for any inconvenience. I'm sure you can track it down on eBay somewhere-do be careful though! I find this just finishes of any look really nicely and just adds a little pop of colour to wherever you want. The packaging is also incredibly inviting and beautiful!

LUSH Magic Wand Bubble Bar- This was part of the Christmas Collection for Lush and just thinking about it makes me smile. It smells divine and leaves a lovely scent on my skin.

Have you made a new discovery this January? Are there any products that you used in January that you plan on using in February?

Have a great day!

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