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Hey everyone, today is a blazer day, or should I say everyday is a blazer day. Here are a few reasons why I love them so much, and why I plan to wear them so much more this year.
You probably own about 5 already, but a fitted blazer is absolutely essential in your wardrobe. I have many blazers that I find it can just throw on with any outfit I'm wearing, and not have to stress if it goes with the rest of my clothing, or makes me feel uncomfortable ( you know, the usual stuff). That's why I love them so much, they are so versatile in the way that you can wear them for all kinds of occasions.

From the red-carpet to the supermarket, blazers can turn a whole outfit around and make them look as if you spent hours putting the outfit together, but really spent about 5 minutes. Blazers dress up your casual jeans-and-t-shirt look but can also dress down a cocktail dress!

We've seen the likes of Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley, Emma Watson and Kiera Knightley sporting the blazer trend at major events such as Fashion week and film premiers.

We've also seen celebrities such as Frankie Sandford, Olivia Palermo and Kim Kardashian all rocking a blazer with an oversized bag, slim trousers and heels on the streets!

If in-fact you don't have an old blazer that's never been worn tucked away at the back of your wardrobe then fear not. There are plenty of places to buy them from without having to pay the designer price tag.

Boohoo have a wide range of inexpensive blazers and all look great with whatever outfit you choose to wear!

New Look
New Look will always be one of my favourite places to shop for a tailored blazer. They have literally everything you could ever want in a blazer at a very affordable price, they also have lots of different styles to choose from so you will be spoilt for choice.

H&M have lots of different prints to choose from so H&M is the best place to look for a statement blazer on the high street.

But if you do have a blazer hanging around somewhere, then what are you waiting for?!
How do you like to wear blazers? Do you have a favourite blazer?

Have a great day!


An Interview with Apollo Junction! | MegBolderson.

Hi my lovelies. Today I have something very different, a little out of my comfort zone, however very exciting! (drum roll....) An interview with an incredibly talented upcoming band! I met the band through Twitter, and since then we have been working extremely hard to conjure up an interview for you all to read!

They go by the name Apollo Junction and describe themselves as 'a melody obsessed electro, indie pop band'. Founded in Leeds in 2011 Apollo Junction have been working very hard to produce their EP that will be available to download in March.They are all extremely friendly and have given me the pleasure of interviewing them to try and find out a little more about this brilliant band and how it all started.

Meg Bolderson: How did you all meet?
Apollo Junction: Well we all kind of knew each other from gigging in Leeds with other bands. So we would run in to each other a lot. We also kind of hated each other for being rivals. But the story goes….Ben met Matt who met Jamie who met Sam, (we all knew Jonny) then Ben vanished to Australia for a year and came back and made good friends with Jonny who subsequently joined Ben to meet Matt, Jamie and Sam in a pub (called 'The Junction') and we decided to write some songs together and become the best band around.

MB: How long have you been making music together?
AJ: Individually since we were 15 but as a band just over a year! It's actually amazing how much we have progressed and we honestly think it due to some divine design. It just seems that everything musical we touch turns to gold at the moment, we don't struggle to write riffs, melodies or words ('cashforgold.com' are ignoring our letters though..)

MB: What do you love most about performing live?
AJ: Matt would say the drugs (tea) and women but as he is celibate (not through choice) so we know he is lying…. I think the rest of us would say that moment when the audience and you connect and you are feeding off each other the bass guitar and the bass drum are grooving together you forget what you are playing, that you are playing, and you just play….that is a magic moment.

MB: Are there any bands that influence you?
AJ: Well the usual classic bands.. I guess anyone from the Beatles to Calvin Harris to Mo town to Michael Jackson! A great pop song is a great pop song. The modern bands such as Coldplay and the Killer push us on however if they 'set the bar' we know where we need to be and what we need to beat and so we are influenced by the bands around us…maybe not musically but in terms of motivating us to better our songs/live show etc.

MB: How do you get inspiration to write songs?

AJ: The usual places death, depression and self-loathing…..all wrapped together in one lovely little ball of joy, we are quite a dark band but we cannot help but write very bouncy, uplifting songs. We usually move quickly with songs, normally someone comes in with a concept whether it be some words or a riff or just...'let's write songs about Zombies' and bang off we go. Maybe the next one will be about getting girls numbers in clubs. Never give Sam our keyboard player your number though - he only functions properly at unearthly hours. He phones you up at 4am as if he's sat at home at 4 in the afternoon watching 'Deal or No Deal'. The lad has no concept of time. He once turned up at Ben's house at 445am and when questioned about why he was calling around in the middle of the night - he simply answered 'At least I knew you'd be in' ... What sort of behaviour is that! We love him though and his keys synth parts will kick down people's front doors when he wants them to.

MB: Is there anything significant you want to happen to you all as a band in the future?
AJ: It would be great to stop a song and just hear thousands of people singing the end of the song back to us… whilst getting naked... with rain falling... The rest of the band say that I am maybe getting a little carried away with this idea... other than that I think it would be nice for us all to learn to fly our own helicopters and hang out with the Beckhams.

MB: Thank you very much for the interview, I'm a huge fan. Best of luck for the future!

A message from Apollo Junction.

We would like you to check out www.apollojunction.com, find us on Twitter and on Facebook - say hello, spread the word about us and look out for a free EP that is coming in March to download. Thanks lots!
What are your favourite genres of music? Would you consider listening to the brilliant Apollo Junction?

 Have a great day!


30 Random Facts About Me | MegBolderson.

 I'm 14 years old.
I dream to be an established journalist and write for a fashion magazine.
My blog is a little bit of luxury in my life.
I took Music, Drama and Geography as options to take in my final 3 years at secondary school.
I live near Leeds in Yorkshire.
My mother and father are separated.
My favourite high-street shops are Topshop and H&M.
If I could look like anyone it would be Sophia Sassoon or Rosie Huntington-Whitley- So beautiful.
Josh Hutcherson was one of my first crushes (Bridge to Terabithia, The Hunger Games).
I'm learning to play piano.
I really dislike flying, its the first part, the going up, ahhhh Meg stop thinking about it.
I have 2 brothers (one is my half brother).
I have danced about 6 years.
IKEA is one of my favourite places....umm..yes I did just say that.
My friends are some of the most important people in my life.
I'm completely obsessed with Beyoncé.
A huge part of my life was taken away from me 2 years ago, so I try to think of everything positively, and not take anything for granted.
I really want to start making YouTube videos however I don't feel confident enough.
University is hopefully on the cards for me when I get older.
I want to move to London.
Pasta is my favourite meal ever, there was literally a whole year when it was all I ate (almost).
I think hats look so good, from floppy hats to beanies, however I just cant seem to pull them off.
As gross as this sounds, I love eating Tomato Puree straight from the tube, I could probably live on that stuff.
My family are real movie collectors, perhaps even hoarders? You name a movie and we probably have it.
My mother is more like a sister than a parent to me.
I apologise a lot, like waaay too much!
Made In Chelsea is one of my favourite TV shows.
I'm a huge fan of The Hunger Games.
My hair was really blonde and long when I was younger.
I'm 5ft 6 (roughly).
What are some interesting facts about you? Do you have any really random facts about yourself?
Have a great day!


January Favourites | MegBolderson.

Hi my lovelies, ok, so I know this is a little delayed, as we are already a week into February, but I've never done a favourites post before so I ventured into trying something new- that's one of my new years resolutions ticked off of my bucket list! These are just products and items I've been loving throughout the month of January and items I've been reaching for the most.

Schwarzkopf got2B Guardian Angel heat protection (wow that's a mouthful)- I have a lot of wispy, split ends, there that bad even my hairdresser noticed, but me being as reluctant and stubborn as I am I never let her chop any more than an inch off. Since I started using this I can definitely see a decrease in the amount of split ends I had prior to using this and  my hair feels a lot more Cheryl Cole than what it did and- result!

St.Moriz Instant Self tanning Mousse- I can't stress how brilliant this is, it has a really nice clean formula and it just glides on to your pre-exfoliated skin. I find it doesn't rub off onto materials such as bed linen either which is an enormous advantage. However it does tend to make your hands a tad orange and how ever many times I tried to scrub it off, it would not budge, so I recommend using a matt for application.

Simple Soothing Facial Toner- This does what it says really, it is also very kind to skin so it doesn't break me out! I haven't noticed a huge difference in my skin using this toner however I just love the way it makes my skin feel and I love using it before I go to sleep as it just soothes my skin really nicely.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation- I love this foundation even more than I intended to. I could even go as far as saying I prefer it to my higher end foundations. Rimmel you are on fire at the moment! Go here to read my review.

MAC Beauty Powder in Summer Rose-Unfortunately this was from the Give Me Liberty Of London collection which has now been discontinued, so I'm sorry for any inconvenience. I'm sure you can track it down on eBay somewhere-do be careful though! I find this just finishes of any look really nicely and just adds a little pop of colour to wherever you want. The packaging is also incredibly inviting and beautiful!

LUSH Magic Wand Bubble Bar- This was part of the Christmas Collection for Lush and just thinking about it makes me smile. It smells divine and leaves a lovely scent on my skin.

Have you made a new discovery this January? Are there any products that you used in January that you plan on using in February?

Have a great day!

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