Favourite Make-Up Products Throughout 2012 | MegBolderson.

Mac Studio Fix Fluid (NW20)- This is a great foundation, it lasts all day, doesn't shift, and has superb coverage.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (Light 2)- This concealer has a real 'value for money' element. It has a staggering amount of product in just this tiny tube, and gets rid of those bags immediately.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (001 Transparent)- This does exactly what it says on the tin, it sets your foundation well and leaves your face shine-free for the whole day.

Mac Powder Blush (Well Dressed)- It's an astonishing blush and looks even better with a tan, it adds just the right amount of life to your cheeks.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara- I have used this mascara all year, It is amazing and with a few coats can look so effective, it makes your lashes a whole lot more voluminous.

MAC Kohl Eyeliner (Smoulder)- Kohl eyeliners never usually do me any justice, but this one, well I can honestly say I've used it almost every single day throughout 2012 and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It is extremely pigmented and glides on.

MAC Lustre Lipstick (Plink!)- Plink! is such an intriguing colour, it can look amazing with both a face full of makeup and even just a sweep of powder. This lustrous (see what I did there?) Lipstick is my all time favourite lipstick and it looks marvellous with any look!
What were your favourite products of 2012? Is there a certain product that you would carry on using throughout 2013?

Have a great day!


2013 Must Haves | MegBolderson.

It's that time of year when you start to think about the upcoming trends and what Is going to be in fashion throughout the following seasons.  It is healthy to know what to look for when shopping around and to do your research on what you will be seeing on the catwalk in a few months time. Runway is a whole new thing to me and each time I see models such as Kate Moss and Ava Smith strut their ridiculously long legs down the catwalk I instantly fall more in love. (asides from colossal jealousy).

I've found a few things that are on my wish list for 2013.These are a mixture of my personal cravings and what are going to be the new trends!

2013 Must Haves!
1. Monochrome- Monochrome is going to be massive this year, white on black, black on white (whatever you want to say). It is timeless and so classy! Perfect for every occasion.

2. Essie Nail Polish in 'Bikini So Teeny'- A personal must have of mine. It's just so gorgeous and will be perfect for summer!

3. Dolce and Gabbana L'eau The One- My mother has this and I love it so much. Definitely going to have to make a sneaky purchase of this perfume. To die for!

4. Sleek Storm Palette- This palette is raved about by so many different people but I never seem to pick it up whilst shopping, I'm going to make more of an effort to keep my eye out for it.

5. Topshop Geo Stud Holdall- I love this bag so much, I was introduced to it by 'Zoella' a YouTube vlogger, and also a favourite blogger of mine who also has it. It just seems so convenient and The price tag is relatively friendly too which you wouldn't expect from this stunning bag.

6. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation- Tanya Burr, also a YouTube vlogger and beauty blogger uses this all the time and she loves it. I would really love to try it out too to see what I think.

That's it for now I'm afraid. I hope you all enjoyed reading!
Do you know of anything else that is going to be in fashion in the upcoming seasons? What is your must have item/product of 2013?

Have a great day!


ChitCHAT, New Years Eve OOTD & January Sales Haul | MegBolderson.

Hello bloggers. I hope you have all had a very Merry Christmas and New Year! I realised that I have had a few comments on 'My ultimate MAC products' post that I wrote not so long ago. I'm glad you all found it helpful, it really does make me happy when I get feedback on posts, it lets me know that you guys actually took your time to read my thoughts on those products, I thank you for that! Also I received a few MAC products for Christmas too so if you would like me to review them, please do not hesitate to let me know. Reviewing items is so much fun, I would be happy to help! Lastly, I need a little guidance thinking of New Years resolutions, I mean I know we are now into the first week of January but I feel kind of guilty not setting myself any goals or resolutions for the year ahead. I guess your supposed to think of them yourself, but if you have any ideas please tell me. The following image is what I wore on New Years Eve. 

This is a picture of me wearing a stunning dress by Lipsy London. It is rose gold with sequins all over. It is absolutely gorgeous and was perfect for New Years Eve! It was 50% off therefore it was £27.50 down from £55 which I think is a complete steal. If you're looking for a dress for a big event or party this is perfect as it works well with the flash of a camera and shimmers in all the right places. My shoes were purchased from Pop Boutique in Leeds but I think there are a few Pop Boutique stores throughout the UK.

 To cut to the chase, I have been indulging in both online and in-store shopping over the holidays and wanted to show you what's out there for you to snatch up. Of course it's that time of year when stores have their annual winter sale and pretty much sell everything for 50% off. That is brilliant, but when you bought the dress you so urgently needed but have never worn 6 months earlier for full price only to then realise you could of waited and got your pennies worth, it can sometimes get slightly annoying. However, it is brilliant for people on a budget, and you can find amazing deals, (although you may have to scavenge through a few rails until you find what you're looking for). This morning me and mother faced our fears and hit the shops! Here are a few things I would like to show you, that you can also buy yourselves.

Disclaimer: Links may not go direct to clothing items as most were purchased as sale items and may only be online for a certain amount of time. Prices may also change as sites have further reductions.

This fabulous piece caught my eye when I saw a girl sporting it, I instantly had to own it, and on the plus side it was £98 reduced to £50 from Topshop. I have paired it with a detachable fur collar purchased from H&M for added effect and warmth. (It is not currently on the website, sorry for any inconvenience).

I had previously spotted these shorts a few seasons ago in one of my all time favourite magazine's but I couldn't get them in any of the River Island store's I visited. I finally found them a good few months later and here they are! (*applause*). Although they are not for everyone, I could definitely see myself styling them up with a bikini and hitting the beach in the summertime. (Buy them here).

If you know me you know I'm all for sequins and glitter, especially on a pair of high-waisted shorts like these. They were bought online from Topshop, they were £50 reduced to £25 which is incredible! (Buy them here).

I love this sequin peplum top from Lipsy London! It looks amazing with disco pants or any high waisted trouser/leggings in general. It was £40 down to £20 which is amazing. (Buy it here).

This fuchsia T-Shirt will never seize to wow me! I love it so much. This is from a brand named 'Candy Kittens' (if you couldn't tell) that most definitely deserves more publicity. The brand was founded by Made In Chelsea's Jamie Laing. This was £24, it wasn't in the sale however I felt I needed to show you it as it is so gorgeous. It certainly adds a pinch of glamour to those lazy days where you just lounge around the house. (Buy it here).

Every time I walk into Topshop this floral cami top screams 'buy me' and as you can probably tell, I eventually gave up avoiding it and just bought it. I absolutely love the crochet detail this top has to offer, it looks gorgeous with even just a pair of jeans and Chelsea boots. (Buy it here).

Last but not least, and perhaps my favourite purchase is this jersey pencil skirt from Primark. Yes, Primark of all places. If you look past the huge jumble sale and the poor quality, occasionally you can
find items just like this one. It is exactly what I wanted, an inexpensive, casual pencil skirt that was simple and classy and that is precisely what I came out with. I am not expecting much from the
durability and I wont be surprised if I find an incidental pull in the middle of the flimsy fabric, but I may get a fair few wears out of it before it completely falls apart. (Primark do not have a website therefore you will have to go into a Primark store to buy this, sorry for any inconvenience). 

Wow, what a mammoth post that turned out to be. For those of you still reading I hope you have enjoyed it and found it helpful. 

What have you bought to kick-start your 2013 fashion venture? Has there ever been an item you bought full price to then realise it was in the sale a few months later?

Have a great day!


My Top Perfume Picks | MegBolderson.

Hello everyone! Happy New Year, I can't believe it has got to 2013 already. Hopefully this year will bring you all joy and happiness. Today I want to talk to you about perfume. Yes I said it, I know perfume can be a guilty pleasure, it is so expensive but so addictive... (don't judge me). I have previously talked about a few of my favourite perfumes in an earlier post, but only very briefly, so why not go into more detail?

We all know you instantly feel 10x better about yourself when you know you smell nice, let alone when someone compliments you on it! The following perfumes I have been complimented on numerous times, therefore they are my ultimate favourites when it comes to perfumes and perfumes I would buy again and again.

An overview of my more favourable perfumes.

This is the Juicy Couture fragrance called 'Couture Contoure'. It is encased within a beautiful glass bottle that immediately caught me eye. It smells incredible. Read a little more about why I love this scent here.
Because I have a love for girly scents It would be rude not to feature a perfume like this in this post. It is Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Oh Lola'. It is honestly so beautiful, (even on the outside). I was of course attracted to this perfume because of the stunning exterior but had heard a lot of people rave about it so I bought it. It is sweet and floral and perfect for a young girl like me although it doesn't seem to last long and you have to keep spritzing, however it is still fabulous, and I haven't had to repurchase yet and have had it for a while.
I can't stress to you how many compliments I have had on this perfume, it is honestly astounding. It is Thierry Mugler's 'Alien'. To read more of my views on this scent click here.
Last but not least I have another amazing perfume for you all, (and as you can probably tell there is a Marc Jacobs theme recurring) It is the famous 'Daisy'. It is very flowery (obviously) and perfect for the summer time, it instantly puts you in a brighter mood and freshens you up in a matter of seconds. One of my all time favourites!

That brings me to the end of my journey in perfumery throughout 2012, I know that these perfumes will take me through 2013 too. What are your favourite perfumes? Did I include any of them in this post?

Have a great day!


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