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I always seem to ask myself the question... If you were stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean, and could only take three makeup products or tools, what would you take?  This question always seems to be at the back of my mind, but only today I choose to answer it. Why I haven't done this sooner, I honestly do not know, but all I know is it literally took me a few hours to decide on what to pick. Luckily I did eventually decide on three products, and I wanted to show you why I picked them!

These products are by a company called MAC. They sell pretty much everything from brushes to primers, blushes to nail polish! MAC isn't the cheapest and is maybe not the best place to shop if you're on a budget, however it does offer high-end quality products that appeal to everyone at average prices.

Last year I purchased a product not knowing how much I would fall in love with it! I had never used a 'highlighter' before let alone know what it was (except those neon pens you get in class). I was instantly attracted to the rocky texture and gleaming sparkles and had to buy it! This amazing product I'm talking about is the MAC mineralize skinfinish in 'Soft and Gentle'. I have had this for longer than a year and it looks like I have barely used any. Like I said MAC products can sometimes be a little pricey but they are SO worth it! All you need to do is gently swipe your brush along the surface and 'walah', you're good to go. It works perfectly for neutral looks if you gently swipe your brush along the surface and apply just above the cheekbone and along the outer sides of you nose. It also works amazingly as a brow highlighter or even an eyeshadow and will instantly work with whatever look you are aiming for. That is the beauty of mineralize skinfinishes.

Staying with the mineralize theme, my next favourite MAC product is the mineralize blush in 'Gentle'. I have genuinely had this blush for longer than a year and I haven't even hit pan yet. The pigmentation is unreal and that could be one of the reasons why I haven't used much as you don't need to apply a lot. It is really effective and works really well if your going for a dramatic look! This blush is excessively pigmented and works a dream. A little dab does the trick! Apply this to the apple of your cheeks and blend.

My final favourite has to be a brush, because what are you going to apply these fabulous face products with? My ultimate holy grail MAC brush has to be the '168' angled contour brush. I find this brush works with pretty much everything, (except foundation) and is spectacular value for money! I have owned this brush for a few months and have only had to deep clean it a few times, (besides 'spot cleaning') as I find it doesn't intake any excess and really does the job! It is brilliant for contouring and I even use it to apply powder blush sometimes.

(As you can see the silver lettering has worn off the brushes, this is due to use).

That concludes my 'Top three holy grail MAC products'. Thank you for reading!

Have a great day!


  1. I don't have a highlighter yet and that looks like a good one!


  2. The highlighter looks lovely, very tempted to get it!


  3. It's a definite holy grail makeup item of mine! You have to buy it. xx

  4. amazing review :)
    thank you for sharing all those info!


    1. Thank you for the positive feedback! I'll have a look at your blog now.Xx


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