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Today is December 1st, which means the beginning of advent! I'm so excited, the holidays are coming (cheesy Coca Cola quote). It only feels like a few weeks since the start of 2012, how on earth has it got to Christmas already? Nevertheless I'm not complaining. December is easily my favourite month in the calendar, for lots of reasons. The main reason obviously being Christmas, but even the little things. Like the smell of the cold air, or perhaps the feeling of waking up with a blanket of gleaming, fresh snow waiting for you when you open your curtains, instantly screaming 'SNOWBALL FIGHT'. That is when I become the 5 year old I once was, I run downstairs, squash my feet into the first pair of shoes I see and run around outside. I will never be too old to do that.

My family have many traditions when it comes to Christmas, whether that being what day we put the tree up, or what song we belt out at the top of our voices to the piano on Christmas day. Me and my mother always put the Christmas tree up together, even if we have to wait until last minute. This year we did it on December 1st. Up until last year we only ever owned one tree to assemble and decorate, but we decided to buy another. So we now have one in the lounge, and one in the dining room, which is nice. We had a really fun day decorating the house, with the occasional cry of Bridget Jones in the background. That's another thing, we can't do this without having some sort of Christmas film/album playing in the background, and seen as its only December 1st (practically still November), we needed something to make the atmosphere a little less November, and a little more December. This year it was Love Actually followed up with the first Bridget Jones. So all in all I have had a very productive day!
Christmas tree no.1.
 Christmas tree no.2.

Have a great day!

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